Nord's Newsletter

April 11-15, 2016


This week we begin Asking and Answering Questions and Author's Point of View with our non-fiction text. Students will be taught and practice turning headings into questions to help them read for understanding. They will also look for clues that the author gives in the text to tell the reader how they feel about the topic.


The post-test for unit 8 was FANTASTIC!! The class average was 91%. We had ten student score 100% but rest of the class only missed a couple! Just great work from all the students. I think this is proof positive that our enrichment (leveled) groups are having a positive impact in our daily learning!

This week:
  • Using mental math to multiply larger factors
  • exploring elapsed time
  • multidigit multiplication

We'll be at the Civic Center during our math block on Thursday.

**In the photo are Cooper, Kale, and Caleb. They are playing the new card game Pile Up.


Ms. Siegel came back last Tuesday to complete a practicum assignment for Drake. She read aloud the book, The Monster Health Book by Edward Miller. The book had a ton of information about making healthy food choices and the importance of eating healthy, getting exercise, and getting a good night sleep.

The students continue to work with partners in their eating healthy and taking care of their bodies matrix.
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Student Council Announcement

Student Council Rep, Max, shared with the class on Friday that they want to help the Field family who completely lost their home with a fire a couple weeks ago. The family had children that went to Webster when they were in elementary and the parents were active in the PTO too. To help with this cause, student council is having a CRAZY HAIR day April 22nd. If students would like to participate then they can bring a $1.00.
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Schedule for the Week

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Guidance & Computer Lab
Wednesday: **Late Start**
PE & Buddies
Thursday: Civic Center-Still need a lot of the permission slips
Friday: Art, Library, & Meals for the Heartland-have ALL of permission slips