Gearing up for Distance Learning

Take a Breath! We got this! 4/3/20

Thank You !!!!

I can not say enough how incredible staff at T Plus are! There are still many things we will need to figure out and we will do it together! I appreciate all of the hard work each of you has been doing in preparing for distance learning.

I know many staff were working throughout the week this past week in addition to the two weeks they spent preparing for students prior to that. I hope to give you some answers with my Friday afternoon memo this week. Please look over items carefully as there are going to be links that need to be used.

ESP staff


There will be accountability check in's 1-2 times per week. Please keep a log of the time you are working so when Daphne or I check in via email or phone you are able to respond. It is expected that you respond to a voicemail/text or phone call within 24 hours as you are currently being paid to work and the expectation is you will be available during your current work hours of 9:40-4:10 pm. If you have other home requirements and plan to be available at a different time please let Daphne or myself know.

As stated in the memo sent out to you : it is to notify our ESPs of the modifications to your role.

· The first priority to provide instruction and engagement with students under the direction of a special education teacher,

· The second priority is to assist with general education engagement and instructional needs as directed by the school principal (this does not apply to us)

· Finally, you could be directed by Central Office to participate in duties that could include assisting in emergency day care setting, cleaning, and distribution of food, technology and other instructional materials.

Procedures for Entering Buildings for Essential Items

When we left to plan for Distance Learning, we were unaware as to the date we would start Distance Learning. That date is now upon us. We are allowing staff access to buildings on a limited schedule in case there are essential items needed for Distance Learning. Why now? We have now passed the two-week mark of students and staff not in buildings. This was a critical marker in time that will help reduce the risk of infection in our school communities. Due to the timing of Spring Break, a decision was made to schedule this time for the week of April 6th.

Why now? We have now passed the two-week mark of students and staff not in buildings. This was a critical marker in time that will help reduce the risk of infection in our school communities and also allows for another two week period before schools may reopen May 5. Due to the timing of Spring Break, a decision was made to schedule this time for the week of April 6th.

We will have a 5-hour availability from 7 am to 11 am on Wednesday, April 8. Either myself or Daphne will be on site during this time as well as Pete. We will be prioritizing any teachers who need

The following protocol will be used at each site:

  • The Principal or designee from the site administration team must be present at the building during the open times and complete log for any staff entering and exiting the building.. A building engineer will be on site also during the time your building is open but is not intended to provide assistance with moving equipment or materials as they will be engaged in cleaning duties.

  • Each staff member who enters the building must fill out a COVID-10 self-screen health assessment via email to Me and Daphne the day of building access, prior to entering. Only staff will be able to access the building - no family members or non staff members should be allowed in the building. I will then need to send the list and forms to the to the designated MDH point person for MPS, when the day is completed. We will keep these on file in case of a positive case in the future.

  • Implement social distancing strategies for rooms and movement through the building. In accordance with physical distancing protocols, only 10 staff should be allowed in the building at any one time. Try to manage the groups so they are from different parts of the building if possible. Limit time in the building to 20 minutes with a 10 minute period between shifts of staff. Keep main corridor doors open as much as possible to reduce staff touching surfaces.

  • If there is an item that needs to be transported to a family for an iDLP need, please label with student name and address, dropping in bins available outside the building. Parents will be notified by School Messenger when the adaptive equipment will be arriving.

Mailing/ Documents

Here is the procedure for handling documents that need to be mailed during this time of Distance Learning for Due Process.

Resource Guide

If you have a student/ family that is looking for resources, please refer them to the social workers as they are most familiar with the systems and how to navigate them.

Here is a list of resources if you want to know what may be available.


I have been told there will be another survey that comes out on Monday and round two of device distribution will happen next week.

Google Classroom

Please be sure to add me into your Google Classroom. It would be ideal if you could turn off notifications to me so I don't get notifications every time you post them.

Time Entry

For Spring break, you have the option of entering vacation time. Your time will not be approved if you enter Regular Time between 3/30/20 and 4/3/20.

Please continue to enter your time as regular time on days / times you are regularly scheduled to work.

Upstream Arts Resources

Upstream Arts has some opportunities for our students- Check in with Rachel Hawkins to get updated information - They will have a Transition group meeting at Tuesday from 2-3pm-


Here are some additional resources they have created

Upstream Arts' STUDIO ACCESS digital shorts:

Paint the Music



Emotion Statues



Elastic Stretching






Moving Statues



Rhythm Exchange



Stop, Fast, Slow



Ben Platt & Cast of Dear Evan Hansen Perform 'You Will Be Found' - #HomeFest