My digital Footprint

By: Andrew Guzman

What is a digital footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is all the positive and or negative posts and information you leave behind on social media, its important because your footprint determines many things in the future such as: a good well paying job and enrolling for a good school.

What does your digital footprint consist of? What tools do you use and for what purpose?

My digital footprint consists of Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blog.

  • I'm a proficient user for Twitter, i mainly use it to look for information and sometimes i retweet anything funny i find, i favorite any important information i come across to.
  • I'm a proficient user on Blogger, I post at least once a week. My posts are about events that happen in the book that i'm currently reading.
  • I'm a basic user for YouTube, I mainly use YouTube to watch funny videos and anything that catches my eye. I don't post any videos but i do like a lot of the videos i watch.

How does it affect your digital footprint?

What impact does/can your digital footprint have on your future?

What's helpful and why?

Job owners can see your experience through social media and everything you've been mentioned in whether it's good or bad.

What's harmful and why?

If you have a bad or inappropriate history on social media then the probability of you getting a good job or getting accepted in a good school in the future would be low.

What can you do to continue to improve your online identity?

  • You can delete all the bad posts you've posted and you can eliminate everything bad you've been mentioned in.
  • You can delete your account and just have a fresh start and make a new and improved one with all positive posts and mentions.

Most important thing I've learned about my digital footprint this semester.

I learned whatever you post stays online, even if you delete it someone already saw it so they're basically permanent.