3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending October 13, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Adams

Picture Day: Tuesday. Please send in picture money if you would like to purchase pictures.

Science Project : The project is due on October 21st. Please make sure you read through the project packet and use the rubric to help guide your child as he/she completes the project.

School-Wide Reading Retreat: Bring a blanket or towel, a pillow or small stuffed animal, and books on Monday October 17th.

Service Projects: Student Council is running a drive to collect change for UNICEF and also to collect new or gently used Halloween costumes for the needy.'

One School, One Book: Letter and Reading Schedule

Bike Safety-3rd grade: Day 6 Thursday, October 27th- A flyer was sent home on Thursday. Your child will need their bicycle, helmet, and lock. Contact Mrs. Wisniewski if you have any questions. Forms can be found on her eboard.

Support a Marine: Mrs. Bean's son (she's our science E.A.) is a US Marine stationed in Mr. Fuji. I'd love to support his troop by sending them items that would be useful. They could use things such as magazines (geared toward men, ie Motor Trend, Maxim, Consumer Reports...), Power Bars (any brand), and books (also geared toward men). For Veteran's Day, I'm going to have our class write letters to them thanking them for their service. If we continue writing throughout the year, Mrs. Bean said we can set up a Skype so we can ask them questions and virtually "meet" them. It should be fun for the kids! Items can be sent in anytime in the next two-three weeks. Thanks for your support.

Science Fun

We're continuing to watch our Brassica plants grow. They're nearing the end of their life cycle, and now, after cross pollinating them with bees, we're going to see the seed pods grow. Some of them are already growing and filling with seeds. We can't wait to harvest and thresh the seeds!

Look at those seed pods! (ask your child where the pod is)

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Quotation Mark Comic App

We created comic strips in a new app and added quotation marks around the speaker's words. It was a fun way for the kids to practice the skill of using quotations!

More Comic Strips...

In the computer lab, we created comic strips using a website on my eboard called "toondoo". Each comic strip had to have the four types of sentences and examples (ie. statement, command, exclamation, question). The kids had a blast creating their comics!
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German Visitors

We had German foreign exchange students come to visit our class today. We asked them so many great questions and learned a little bit about Germany. It was an interesting visit.
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