Let There Be Light

No Children Were Harmed in Learning About Electricity

Learning How to Teach Others

We have been working on our "How To" writing for the past week and it has been very illuminating for your children. (Ask them about how to make a phone call.) We will be finishing them next week and part of the assignment includes taking their writing home and having a parent follow their directions to see if you are able to complete their task. This is my favorite writing unit as it allows the students to truly learn their voice and the appreciate the need for using writing supports to help make them better writers.

Valentine's Day on a Weekend?!

Not to worry, we will have a Friday exchange of Valentines. The students will have an opportunity to make a Valentine's container next week and on Friday will be able to exchange Valentines. We will not be having a celebration. I have included a list of all the students in our class.

Jonathan Alexander

Ella Barber

Aubrey Benton

Ethan Boczek

Reilly Bourque

Aidan Carver-Woodson

Katherine Davies

Julia Descalzi

Morgan Dorrier

Leighton Ebanks

Sarah Garland

Wesley Gobble

Emma Hoffman

Andrew Huffmyer

Caroline Just

Colin McLaughlin

Kaylie Payne

Helen Rumsey

Aidan Sims

Rye Stevens

Zachary Therrien

Katharine Woodbury