Current Issues in Monsoon Asia

By: Sophia Boban and Olivia Barham

Population Growth Issues:India

India has over a billion people living within its borders. One in every three children that is malnourished is from India. With India's growing population and business industries it is estimated to become the world 5th largest consumer economy in the world. But the issue with the rapid growth in population is there aren't enough jobs. There are thousands of unemployed people who live one the streets, and even some people with jobs have to continue being homeless.

Population Around the Ganges:

The Ganges is a river located in Northern India that has been a major tourist attraction for many years. Unexpectedly one day there were thousands of birds circling the Ganges River. As villagers approached the River, over 100 corpses washed up on the shore. The outcome of this situation turned out to be worse than expected. Thousands of corpses are being cremated and the ashes are being thrown into the Ganges causing major pollution.

Outsourcing in Monsoon Asia:

Outsourcing is the act of companies moving work to other places in the world to try and save money. Although this technique has its benefits such as creating new jobs for people other sides of the world , it also includes major drawbacks as well. For example, outsourcing has laid off over 3.2 million people since 2001 which can cause families incomes to drop exponentially. In conclusion, outsourcing is both good and bad depending on a persons point of view.

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Additional Issues of Monsoon Asia

Conflict Between North and South Korea

North and South Korea have steered military tensions away from the threat of imminent confrontation. They have announced an agreement over a series of recent flashpoints. Both North and South Korea have come to a mutual agreement. North Korea expressed regret over the 2 deaths of South Korean soldiers, so South Korea shut of the loud speakers of propaganda they were blasting over the border.

Women's Rights:

For thousands of years women have been poorly treated all over the world. But over half of these issues are in India. Although this controversy has improved, there are still major things that need to be resolved. For example, women are put through conditions including child marriage, police brutality, and domestic violence. But these cases have not stopped women from fighting for their rights, and they will continue to do so until women and men are equal