The Olive Branch 3.27.20

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

OMS Families,

We can't believe that it has already been two weeks without seeing our Olive Owls. We miss OLIVE - U so much and hope to be back soon once we know it is safe to return.

If there is anything that you need during the next couple of weeks please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us or your child's teacher. We are here to help and do all that we can to support the Olive community during this difficult time.

Please see a few updates that we have to share with you below.

Erin and Julia

OMS STAFF Honk and Wave Parade!

Monday, March 30th, the parade will depart from OMS at 11:30 am.

Dear OMS Families & Community,

Let's join together to bring up the spirits in our community in a safe way! The staff of OMS will be having a Honk & Wave Parade! On Monday, March 30th, the staff will drive through the OMS neighborhoods! Using the map provided, please safely join us at the end of your driveway, on a corner or street along the parade route. Cars filled with staff (and their families!) will drive by and honk and wave to you. It will be a fun way to “see” each other from a close, yet safe, distance. Please be mindful by staying in your own driveway or yard and avoid getting close to anyone. Cars will drive slow but will not be stopping. Finally, this is an optional activity for staff, and your child's teacher may not be able to participate. Please spread this information to everyone in the OMS community to get involved!

When: Monday, March 30th, the parade will depart from OMS at 11:30 am.

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Remote Learning Days 6-10

Prior to school closing our staff members took time to plan your child's e-learning experience for days 6-10. Beginning on Monday, March 30th your child's teacher will email you the choice board for the day. Choice boards will be similar to days 1-5 and students are asked to complete 6 activities. You may notice that some of the activities are more in line with the recent instruction your child received at school. The activities were created in a way that the majority of students should be able to complete them independently. We are not introducing any new material. Our goal is to continue to have our students review and solidify concepts they have already learned. All staff members will be working from their homes and will be available to answer any questions throughout the day.

Photo of the Week

Ms. Davis took a long walk and ended up on a dead-end street. In order to get back home we had to walk a short distance along the Lake Arlington path. Since dogs are not allowed on the path, Prince took a short ride inside my coat so we could get home!
Prince got tired of walking!
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Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary

Questions? Please reach out to your OMS teacher or your administrative team.

OMS Staff Directory

Ms. Erin Davis, Principal

Mrs. Julia Pemberton, Assistant Principal