They Died Too Young

Author: Veda Boyd Jones


Selena Quintanilla Perez was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. She started off as a young girl singing with a band, Los Dino's, in which the members were her siblings ,A.B and Suzette, and were managed by their father, Abraham. Selena and her siblings were forced by their father on a daily basis to practice their music in a sound-proof garage in their home. They played Tejano music. Selena had to sometimes set aside her school life in order to perform and work on weeknights/weekends. She sang and played with her band at her father's restaurant in Lake Jackson called Papa Gayo's. From that point Selena moved from location and location in Texas alongside with her family until they finally settled in Corpus Christi. Later on in 1983, Selena cut several 45 records that aired on various radio stations and sold a couple of copies. Abraham moved his family on an old van filled with instruments across the border of Texas so that The Dino's could perform at events like dance clubs, parties, benefits, etc. Her wardrobe mostly consisted of sparkly, beaded crop tops or bralettes, matching bell bottoms, and sometimes a jacket over it. Soon performing constantly got normal for Selena and she had to drift apart from her closets friends. Touring got lonely for her at times. Selena last performed at the Alamodome in San Antonio in 1995 before she deceased. Her so called friend, Yolanda, betrayed her various times and shot Selena in the shoulder while the two were in Yolanda's hotel room to discuss bank documents.

Table of Contents

The Queen of Tejano

Music in Her Soul

On the Road

Life Changes

Fashion Designs

Black Friday

Selena's Legacy

Chronology/Major Albums


Wardrobe Essentials

Selena lived an incredible life and this book really captures all the special yet rough times throughout her life. She was very passionate about her career and was an incredible artist. I , as well as anyone who reads this book, discovered so much about her journey and what she did to get to the place she wanted to be at. I give this book a 5 star rating because the author did a fantastic job describing and listing facts about her. I highly recommend to read this book about the "Queen of Tejano" who never gave up on her dreams. All of your favorite artists have a copy of this book.

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