Author: Raina Telgemier


Reina wanted a boy, his name is Nate. She wanted nate to date her. But Reina got brasses so she thought that her friends and Nate will make fun of her. Reina try-out for basketball to make Nate like her.But she didn't make the team.Reina gave up and decide to be herself.

Theme: be yourself

The theme is be yourself because she was worry about school,brasses and Nate. Then at the end she said you know what who cares I give up. I'm going to be my self and get over Nate.

Main Character:

The Main Character is Reina. Reina wanted a boy Nate to dater her. When she got home from school, her friends came over. So then they talked about Nate. So now she is embarrassed.

Why was this book worth reading💜

This book is worth reading because it talks about middle school, talks about brasses AND THE BEST PART IS THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT THE AUTHOR MIDDLE SCHOOL LIFE