Aubrey's dream vacation.

Hawaii facts!

My dream vacation is to travel to Hawaii.

Hawaii is located 2,100 miles from mainland United States.

I want to visit Hawaii to see all of the culture, also to get a coconut.

Hawaii is such a great place to visit because of the crystal clear water and the beautiful. unique sea creatures.

Did you know......

The Hawaiian state fish is the reef trigger fish, also the state flower is the Hawaiian Hibiscus. The state mammal is the Monk Seal. Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee beans, vanilla beans, as well as cocoa beans. Hawaii is the only full island state in the United States. Hawaii has its own time zone and was the 50th stated admitted to the Union on August 20, 1959. More than one-third of the worlds commercial supply of pineapples come from Hawaii. Hawaii was formed thousands of years ago when underwater volcanoes erupted forming the islands.


It will take me 7 hours and 54 minutes to get to Hawaii.

Hawaii is approximately 3,794 miles away from Houston, Texas.

I will take Kiley, Maddie, and Lexi with me on my trip to Hawaii.

I will fly in a plane to get to Hawaii.

Also I will be staying in Hawaii for 5 days.


I will be lodging at The royal Hawaiian luxury resort Waikiki. An iconic pink building on the Waikiki, Beach. This resort dates back to 1927. The resort includes a heated outdoor pool, a private beach, cabanas for rent, and a salt water plunge pool. Also has 2 upscale restaurants. A free spa is also included. I will obviously need to pack a lot of bathing suits for swimming, tanning, and some underwater activities. I will also need nice cute tank top outfits for the 5 star restaurants, flip flops, sandals, phone charger, beats, and hairspray and other hair items.
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My trip will cost $4,772 for everything.

Lodging will cost $1,620.

I will also bring $1,000 to spend shopping or emergency money.

I will spend nothing out of pocket for meals, my hotel includes meals at the 5 star restaurants on site.

My travel will cost:

airfare: $2,012

rental car: $140.00

gas: $3.31 per gallon.


Parasailing and snorkeling will be some activities that I will do. There are many things to do at my location like swimming with dolphins and hanging out by the beach. More unique things I will do while in Hawaii are pineapple fields tour and an active volcano helicopter tour.
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