3rd Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Burns & Mrs. Combs

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Thank you, Town of Waukesha Fire Department!

Thank you to the Town of Waukesha Fire Department for visiting Rose Glen this week! We had a great time learning about Fire Safety and visiting the fire trucks outside.
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Learner Profile

Our learner profile for the month of October is inquisitive. We will be learning more throughout the month.


We have decided that students still need practice with our classroom goals in September, so we will continue with that same goal in October. The goal was to have a level 0 or 1 voice during transitions.

Language Workshop & Readers Workshop

We have finished our first unit in Language Workshop on Communities. We wrapped up the unit with a written summative assessment. Our new unit is Relationships and our essential question is “How are people transformed through relationships?”. The first book we dug into was The Invisible Boy. We have been responding to prompts in our thoughtful logs. In reading workshop, we have been wrapping up our questioning unit. We continue to practice the flip it strategy and using evidence from the text(s) to back up our thinking.

Writing Workshop

This week we have been editing and working on our final drafts of our first personal narrative/small moment story. We will be starting a new unit on persuasive/opinion writing next week.

Science & Social Studies

This week we had a great opportunity to go through our Rose Glen policy/checklist for Ipad expectations. The children made changes to their Ipads to make them 3rd grade classroom ready. We also talked about how we as teachers have a responsibility to keep their Ipads school ready. We discussed how we will do spot check-ins from time to time in our rooms.

We are kicked off our new unit in Science with each child posting their own “I Wonder ………...about seeds?” on our classroom wonder board. The kids are truly embracing the opportunity to take part in their learning.

Math Workshop

In math we are wrapping up our unit on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. Please continue to practice rounding with the 40 minutes of math practice at home. The rounding assessment will be on Wednesday, October 19th. We will be starting our unit on 3-digit addition next. Students will not be learning the traditional method, but will learn many other strategies to add larger numbers. We will be expecting them to find a strategy that works for them and show their strategy work each time.
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Other Information

Thanks to everyone who attended parent-teacher conferences! We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us about how your child is doing in third grade. If you were unable to make it on one of the conference nights, please let us know. We’d still like to connect with you.

Important Dates coming up:

  • Wednesday, October 19th - Math Rounding Assessment

  • Wednesday, October 26th - Veteran's Day Walk @ West

  • Wednesday, October 26th - Fall Party

  • Thursday, October 27th - No School - Teachers have Professional Development

  • Friday, October 28th - No School