Egyptian Medicine

By Abigail Lonkert and Olivia Kolich

How Did Egyptian Medicine Emerge?

Egyptians learned a lot about the human body, they used herbs and drugs to treat many different illnesses and injuries. A lot of their medicines were accompanied by spells to ward off evil spirits making the person sick. They discovered that whenever a person got sick, they may be able to cure them by using plants and maybe even animals around them. i know this because on the website It says "They learned to use herbs and drugs to treat sickness."
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What type of medicine did they practice?

They performed pharmacology, dentistry, gynecology, crude surgical procedures, general healing,and embalming. They made extensive use of therapeutic herbs and foods. Treatments consisted of ointments made from animal, vegetable or fruit substances, and minerals. They used medicines such as cassia, sandalwood, cedarwood and cypress. "It (sandalwood) was also used by the ancient Egyptians in the embalming process". I saw this on the website was also used as a medicine. I know this because on the website: it says, "Some of its properties are that it improves circulation, discourages fluid retention, is anti-infectious and antispasmodic.". They also used cassia. I know this because the evidence on the website it says, "Its medical properties include: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-coagulant. Those medicines were used in ancient Egypt. Some of these medicines are still used today!

Describe the mummification process.

The embalming process or mummification process has been around since 2600 B.C. .First off they wrap the head and neck with small thin strips of linen. Next, the arms and legs are wrapped separately. Between the layers they place amulets to protect them in after life. Then priest read spells so that the mummies so they can ward off evil.The mummies legs and arms are tied together and spells from the Book of the Dead are place with it. Eventually, they wrap it with more linen and paint it with a coat of resin. Then, another cloth is wrapped around it and the god, Osiris is painted on the surface. Finally, the entire mummy is wrapped in a large cloth. A painted wooden board is placed on top before they lower the mummy into its coffin. Then the family has a funeral. I read all of this from the website
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Why is this important to us today?

The Egyptians made many contributions to medicine. it is important because the medicines cypress, sandalwood, cedarwood, and cassia, Egyptian medicine, have helped many recover from sicknesses. These are important because without these contributions we may not have all the medicine we have today. So, we owe it to the Egyptians for making the essential oils, and making us feel better. I know it helps because when ever we are sick we can use an Egyptian invention, essential oils. It helps people who have illnesses like cancer, i know this because on the website it says, "Patients with cancer use aromatherapy mainly to improve their quality of life, such as reducing stress and anxiety." Which means they help people recover and heal their mental health.
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