Native american masks

Riley Reiser

Backround history

masks to the Indians represent a vital role in their spiritual life. They carve it to represent the many spirits and gods that they worship. Many masks are worn when preforming rituals or in festivity's. Many masks where made from plants such as gourds, also the natives used leather in order to craft their masks. Many Indians will also where finger masks or masks on their toes for festivity's or rituals such as dancing for rain or luck on a hunt.

Mask styilization

The few main characteristics about the native american style of masks is that they tend to use real objects such as fur, feathers, and plants to add as decoration on their masks. Furthermore they use geometric shapes and bright varying colors on their masks. Contrary to other cultures native american masks are carved mostly to represent animals such as birds, dogs, or other animals. When carving the masks they use very defined geometric shapes such as perfectly round circles to make out the eyes, the teeth are then formed using rectangles or triangles. The native Americans use very solid colors such as reds, blues and blacks.

My opinion

Some of the masks I fell are really cool, i like how they use real textures such as fur to add on to animals. I although do not like how they use geometry to define the face, I feel that it takes away from the potential detail. I like the colors they use, it, for the most part, matches what the mask in real life would represent and when doing human faces the dark and bright colors contrast very well.