Scat Main Project

Kiersten Kruger


Author: Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Fiction

Setting: Collier County Florida

Tone/Mood: Suspense


Scat is about the disappearance of Mrs. Bunny Starch and two of her 3rd period Biology students, Nick and Marta, who will do just about anything to find her. The investigation begins on a school field trip at Black Vine Swamp where an arson had begun during the trip. This is when and where Mrs. Starch went missing. Nick and Marta begin to discover clues and evidence that may explain her where abouts. They meet some interesting characters along the way that help uncover the mystery of Mrs. Starch.

Theme: Don't do/follow through with something until you can prove it's true because; everybody thought Mrs. Starch was a witch, the investigators thought they could trust Jimmy Lee Bayliss, and the police wrongly convicted Duane Scrod Jr. of the arson.

Character Descriptions:

Mrs. Starch - intimidating, crazy, mean, unfair (at the beginning)

still intimidating, nicer, understanding (at the end)

Nick - shy, timid, nosy/in other peoples business, shorter and muscular (at the beginning)

training to be a lefty, compassionate, charismatic (at the end)

Duane Scrod Jr. - smelly, unclean, outcast, rude, gutsy abandoned (at the beginning)

well-dressed, polite, determined, caring, risky (at the end)

Rating: 4.5/5 stars ****1/2