French Revolution

Took place throughout France, from 1789 to late 1790's.

Who revolted? Why did they revolt? How did they organize the revolution?

The people who revolted were people who were paying taxes and the less wealthy people. Maximilien Robespierre was the one that stood up against the state generals by attending one of their conferences. He demanded that the nobility and clergy pay taxes just like everybody else. People were tired of having to pay high taxes so they started to create riots and formed a new national guard.

How did the people overthrow the government? How did the government respond?

The representatives of the Third Estate (representing the people) led the way, to their usual place of meeting, and declared a constitution. The king sent a messenger to remove them from their hall, Mirabeau said, "Go tell your master that we are here by the will of the people and that we shall be removed only at the point of the bayonet." Paris was alarmed by rumors about what was happening, so a Paris mob stormed and captured the royal prison in Paris, Bastille, on July 14. It's thick walls were torn down and when the king was informed of what had taken place he said, "Why, is this a revolt!" and the people replied, "No, sire, it is a revolution."

How was the government the same or different following the revolution? What lasting effect did the revolution have on the area or country?

After the Revolution there wasn't a sustainable government, and France became a land of peasants. Throughout the years France has became a Republic government.