Nationals 2015

The Plane Ride

This summer my club volleyball team to to Nationals in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time going on a plane and I was really nervous! The whole time at the airport while we were going through security and waiting for the plane is was thinking about how the plane might crash and I’ll die. Only my mom, my youngest sister Finley, and I were going to Florida. My dad and my other two sisters stayed home. To make things even worse our plane got delayed two hours! I was bored out of my mind. I mostly texted my friends until it was time to board the plane. When they finally announced our plane arrived, I started getting scared.

We flew out of Rockford, Illinois, so it was a smaller airport. The plane had two rows. One side with two seats, and the other side had three. Me and my mom sat in the row with two seats and my sister sat on my mom’s lap. Taking off was scary, but once we were in the air I started listening to music on my iPod and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and my music was still on. I took out my earbuds and turned my iPod off because we were starting to land. My ears felt like I was going deaf until they popped when we were on the ground. As soon as we got in the terminal I could feel the 100 degree humidity hit me.

The Tournament

The national tournament was four days long, the longest tournament I’ve ever been too. The first day we were at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney, and the rest were at the OCCC, Orange County Convention Center. At nationals we give each team we play “gifts”. We gave out wristbands that said our club name on it. Some gifts I got were candy, hair ties, and earbuds. On our first day we won one out of three matches. The last game we played a team from Puerto Rico. When they were warming up, they hit one of my teammates, her name was Megan, in the head. We thought she had a concussion, so she went to the athletic trainer. She came back during the second set and didn’t have one.

We played better the last three days. On the last day we played really well, we won all of our games that day so far. On our second to last game, I was back row and the middle on the other team hit and I dove for the ball and got it up. When I looked down, I had a tiny piece of glass in my hand and was bleeding. I just played for the rest of the set, then after that, I had to pull the glass out of my hand. We took second in Purple, but overall I think we played really well. I definitely can’t wait to go again this year!

The First Day

My team stayed in one humongous house in Four Corners, a town near Orlando. When I woke up, my team ate muffins for breakfast, and then went in the game room and played a ping pong tournament. My teammate Megan won. After that we went to the club house. The clubhouse has a water park, movie theaters, a restaurant, beach volleyball courts, and more. When I was going up the stairs to go on a water slide, I slipped and fell and cut my knee open. I waited by the main desk for the longest half hour of my life for a band aid. After that we walked back to our house and ate sandwiches for lunch and hung by the pool at the house.

After we got sunburnt we went inside and decided not to go to the tournament’s opening ceremony and instead dressed up nice and ate dinner there. We had homemade tacos. After that we went to the club house and watched Pitch Perfect in one of the movie theaters. We sung along to all the songs because we’ve all watched the movie a thousand times. After we went home and went to bed because our first day of the tournament was the next day and we were all really nervous!