Orana Catholic Primary School

Term 1, Week 4, 2023



Our community values an attitude of caring deeply about people and treating them with dignity. We care about ourselves and the world around us. Respect is evident when:

• we treat others as we want to be treated
• we express feelings in a peaceful way
• we speak courteously to everyone
• we bring honour to ourselves, our families and our school
• we recognise the achievements of each person
• we build positive relationships
• we show equal justice and fairness

Project Compassion Prayer

Project Compassion will continue throughout the season of Lent. There are Project Compassion donation boxes in each classroom. Please support this generously.
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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Ash Wednesday Mass

Thank you to Father CJ for marking the start of the Lenten season with the Ash Wednesday Mass. Ash Wednesday begins our season of Lent; the season which takes us on a journey of renewal for forty days until the dawning of Easter. On Ash Wednesday, we come together to reflect that we do not always follow God’s ways and need to ask God for His mercy and forgiveness. Like God’s people in the time of the prophets, we wear ashes to show that we want to turn away from whatever keeps us from God, and to have a change of heart, so that we can live in right relationship with God and each other. Many thanks to Father CJ, Kathryn Alp, Sarah Draper, Denise Mouttet and Monica Fernando for their preparation for this significant Mass. The reverence displayed by the students was commendable. The early years classes marked Ash Wednesday by participating in a class liturgy.

Father CJ shared visual prompts with the students at Mass to explain Lent as a ‘time to clean out our lives to make room for God; time for prayer, for reading God’s Word and for helping others’. He shared Pope Francis’ words of encouragement to ‘Give Up (something that keeps us from drawing closer God), Take Up (something that helps us to be closer to God) and Lift Up (To give support to others in need’. I encourage you to ask your children for examples of each of these statements.

Project Compassion Launch

On Tuesday, our Year 6 Social Justice Leadership Team along with Mrs Tormay participated in the online Project Compassion Launch. The launch included a workshop activity which resulted the team drafting a plan of action for the 2023 Lenten season. Well done to these students.

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the Year 4 to 6 students and staff today for participating in the Swimming Carnival. Students tried so hard; pushed themselves; encouraged each other and worked together. The weather was perfect. Congratulations to the Salvado house; the 2023 Swimming Carnival winners and the students that won the Championship Medals. Results are published below and photos will be published next week. Well done to all and particularly Tayla Lake for her excellent work in organising this event. Next week, selected students will be participating in the CAPPS Interschool Swimming Carnival.

P and F News

Thank-you to those who attended the first P and F meeting last Monday evening. It was a productive meeting with several plans discussed for events and ways to support the school to benefit the students. The P and F Executive welcomes Elyse Byers to the role of Secretary. Thank-you Elyse for volunteering for this position. The P and F Executive have one position vacant, Class Representative Coordinator. If you would like some information about this role please contact the P and F.

Senior Assembly

Next Friday we invite you to join us for the first Senior Assembly at 2.30pm.

Best wishes and God bless

Dee Johnston


Faith in Action

Social Justice Team

Last Tuesday, the Social Justice Team joined students and teachers from Catholic schools throughout WA for the Schools Launch of Project Compassion 2023. The theme for Project Compassion 2023 is ‘For All Future Generations’. The morning began with a prayer service followed by 2 workshops. During the workshops, the team planned how Orana can support Project Compassion. Each class has been provided with a Project Compassion box and students and families are encouraged to donate. After all our hard work, the team enjoyed pancakes for morning tea!

Free Dress Day for Caritas Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal

Putting our school motto “To Give is to Receive” into action.

Over the holidays, Zaiden Keogh in Year 5 sold uniform items that he no longer required. He raised $50 and approached the Social Justice Team about donating the money to the Caritas Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal. This led to the Social Justice Team planning a whole school fundraiser to further support this worthy cause. As a result of Zaiden’s generosity, the Social Justice Team are organising a free dress day on Tuesday 14th March. Students may wear sports shoes, sports shorts, something red on top and red accessories such as a hat, socks, hair accessories etc. The colour red was chosen as this colour is in both the Turkish and the Syrian flags. Students will be asked to make a gold coin donation. Thank you Zaiden for instigating this fundraising event. This is a true example of putting our Orana motto, To Give is to Receive, into action.

Sacraments in 2023 - Year 3, 4 and 6

If your child is in Year 3, 4 or 6, they will be celebrating the following Sacraments:

  • Reconciliation - Year 3
  • First Communion - Year 4
  • Confirmation - Year 6

Enrolment Masses for all these sacraments to sign up for the program takes place on the weekend of 11/12th March. Families may to one of the following Masses and enrol for the program.

-5.30pm, Saturday 11th March OR

-10.30am, Sunday 12th March

If your child is in another year level and needs to celebrate a sacrament, please contact your child's teacher.

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Orana House Swimming Carnival

Thank you, Beatty Park Leisure Centre, for providing a fantastic venue for our Orana House Swimming Carnival. What a perfect day for our Year 4 -6 students to compete at the annual swimming carnival held today. The house spirit and enthusiasm from all participants went a long way to making the carnival a huge success. The students represented their houses over various swimming strokes, distances, relays and novelty games. A special thank you to all the parents and staff who assisted in making the day run so smoothly. Thank you also to all the parent and carers who attended and supported our students over the day. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to attend. Information regarding the Inter-school Carnival will be sent out over the next few days for those who have qualified. Now to the results!

The winning house for 2023 is….. Salvado!

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We began the season of Lent on Wednesday. A time for examining our lives and how we treat one another in preparation for Easter - Jesus' death and resurrection. We prepare for Easter by praying, giving to others and fasting - giving up things that cut into our relationship with God.

During Lent, Caritas Australia also promotes Project Compassion - a fundraising drive to work towards making the lives of others better around the world.

Laxmi's story | Project Compassion 2023

Expression of Interest: After-school Italian Language Classes

Based on parent feedback, the school is seeking expressions of interest in students continuing to learn Italian as an extra-curricular afterschool program. The after hours program will be coordinated by Italo-Australian Welfare and Cultural Centre (IAWCC) and taught by a qualified teacher. Multi-age classes will be offered once a week (on either a Monday or a Tuesday), if we have enough interest to meet IAWCC's minimum number of students required. The cost is subsidised by IAWCC and is very reasonable at $25 per child, per semester. Fees will be due at the beginning of the program and then again in Term 3 for Semester 2. Parents must commit to enrolling into the program for the semester.

Please complete this Expression of Interest Form.


‘Homelessness We Care’

Food Service 2023

Upcoming Food Service: Tuesday 28th March

We need your help

Aim: For our Whole School Community (parents, staff & students)

to be involved in a truly worthy cause by providing continued support,

generosity and care to a charity.



Did you know Orana is a registered Crunch & Sip School?

Participating in a daily in class Crunch & Sip break provides an opportunity for children to drink water and eat an extra serve of vegetables or fruit to support good health and to help with learning and concentration in the classroom.

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Parent Help in the Library

Are you available for an hour or so on Wednesday? We are looking for some parent helpers to assist in shelving the library books. If you can assist, please drop in and see Monica Fernando in the library or send an email monica.fernando1@cewa.edu.au


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Events Coming Up in Our Calendar

Thursday 2nd - Interschool Swimming Carnival (CAPSS)

Thursday 2nd - Make a Move

Friday 3rd March - Make a Move

Friday 3rd March - Yr 5 Reconciliation

Friday 3rd March - Senior Assembly - 2.30pm

From our Social Worker - Mrs Warburton

Help Your Child to Navigate Friendship Problems with these 6 Tips.

“I didn’t have fun at recess today mom, Annie said we weren’t friends anymore this year, so now we’re not friends anymore”.

These were the words of my 6-year-old daughter on her first day of the First grade. She and Annie had been best friends the year before, but it appeared Annie had grown close with another classmate over the summer.

As I inquired about how school went that first day, my daughter’s exterior appeared tough, but I could tell underneath she was crushed. Witnessing our child get hurt by a friend or peer is hard to see as a parent. Maybe it’s because, on a certain level, we can feel the pull of that basic human need to be liked and accepted, and want nothing more for our child.


Kind regards

Social Worker

Kath Warburton

From Our P&F


We welcome all Orana Families to join us in our first event of the year on 10th March 2023 from 4-6:30pm.

A lot of fun and great food is planned for the afternoon for the whole family. The online shop will be opened for tickets to the event this weekend. One ticket per family - only $5 for all that fun!

See you all there.


The P & F welcomes Elyse Byers to our Secretary role in 2023.

Elyse has 3 children attending the school and is a very active volunteer in school activities.

Welcome to the team, Elyse!


We are still in need of 2 class reps. One for Year 6 Blue and one for Kindy Blue. Come and join the P&F team to help our kids and our wonderful Orana community!


We are looking for one member to join the P&F committee for 2023 - the Class Rep Coordinator. If you are interested please send us an email for more information at oranapandf@gmail.com or contact Shehan on 0402900660.


The Orana Sundowner is scheduled for 10th March 2023. We would like a few volunteers to assist us in this event from 3:30pm to 6:30pm in a rotating manner on the day. Please fill in the Form attached if you can assist. https://forms.office.com/r/4cgttdg4VJ Alternatively, email oranapandf@gmail.com or call / text Shehan on 0402900660.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Orana P & F

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From our Parish of Saints John & Paul

To the Parents of our Young Children…..

May We Suggest......

Relax! God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house. All are welcome!

Sit toward the front where it is easier for your little ones to see and hear what’s going on at the altar. They tire of seeing the back of others’ heads. Quietly explain the parts of the Mass and actions of the priest, altar servers, choir etc. Sing the hymn; pray and voice the responses.

Children learn liturgical behaviour by copying you. If you have to leave Mass with your child, feel free to do so, but please come back. As Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me’.

Remember that the way we welcome children in church directly affects the way they respond to the church, to God and to one another. Let them know that they are at home in this house of worship.

To other members of the Parish…..

The presence of children is a gift to the church, and they are a reminder that our parish is growing.

Please welcome our children and give a smile of encouragement to their parents. If you see a parent struggling, please offer them support!

Altar Serving at Orana and at our Parish

Once children have celebrated their First Holy Communion, they are eligible to be trained as an altar server where they can serve at the Parish or at Masses at school. The next training afternoons are on ….. If your child is interested in training, please click here https://forms.office.com/r/yPejV5K87d to register their interest and more information will be sent to you.

The Week That Was!

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