come to TEXAS

Gabriel Alvarado

land policy in Texas

In Texas you can get lots of land for only 12.5 per acre

requirements of colonists in Texas

you have to become a Mexican citizen , you have to become catholic believer, and you most follow the mexico laws.

the cost of it is

  • the cost was $1.25 per acre
  • or you can pay it out 12.5 per acre and paid out over several years

the description of the land in Texas

  • it is in the eastern Texas coastline of the gulf of Mexico.
  • wetlands forests contains most of the major rivers in Texas.
  • mild climate, large amounts of rainfall, high winds, floods and hurricanes.
  • Agriculture, good can be imported oil, gas, timber and technology.

north central plains

  • rolling prairies few rivers.
  • summers are short, winters are cool and cold.
  • drought high winds and tornadoes
  • manufacturing and agriculture