Cause for Celebration!

...and Other Stuff Too!

STEM Fest was a huge success with Beaumont's Participation this Year!

First, a BIG Thank you to Mr. Hertz for coordinating the Beaumont participation this year. We are so proud of the work you have done. Also, thank you to all of the teachers who worked hard with your students to get the job done. I was so proud to walk the event this year knowing the effort that went in it. Also, I believe we had some winning entries on the bridge building, so I will have the teachers talk about this in our staff meeting this week. The bridges were incredible!

STEM Fest Pictures


Way to go, Mr Gillogly!

Mr. Gillogly's 3rd class has has earned a 216 Lexile gain in Achieve 3000 and it's only April! I was told he had a personal goal of 200 points for the school year, and this goal has been far exceeded! Thank you so much for your hard work in this significant gain! Kudos to all of you who are working hard toward the significant gains we are seeing in Beaumont's data!

CAASPP is Around the Corner!

A large portion of the staff meeting on Wednesday will be devoted to CAASPP Test Administration Preparation. K-2 will be dismissed once we begin this portion to continue their meeting in another location (TBD).

Cluttered Classrooms

...We Will Discuss the Topic of Decluttering Classrooms in Our Wednesday Meeting

Please be prepared to discuss how you will move your outdated personal curriculum storage from your classroom to your garage. As we plan for next year, this will not be an option.