Issues in Monsoon Asia

Austin Smith


Outsourcing is a very controversial topic. It benefits one party while hurting the other. Outsourcing (a.k.a. "offshoring") is defined as "transporting certain operations to another organization, which may or may not be located in the same country."

Positives of Outsourcing

The perk of outsourcing is that lowering costs lets the company grow , which will eventually help out the domestic workers. In theory, outsourcing lower-level jobs lets other people get to higher positions. And, even though the person this outsourced job goes to gets paid much less than the average American, they often get paid more than the average of other people in their home country.

Negatives of Outsourcing

One of the negatives that comes with outsourcing is that people whose jobs get outsource day not be able to find suitable employment. Many also believe that these outsourced jobs are often exploited as "sweatshop" jobs, in which the worker safety is not good and the workers do not get paid very much for their labor.

"Asian Brown Cloud"

The Asian Brown Cloud is a cloud of pollution that tends to rest over the shores of Mount Everest. This cloud is full of aerosol that has become part of our daily lives. This cloud, however, is far from normal. It is a cloud full of pollution created by the human species in the India subcontinent. This cloud has, at times, drifted across the Indian Ocean, and will even flow over the Pacific Ocean into North America.

India-Pakistan Conflicts

For almost 70 years, India and Pakistan have fought over who owns Kashmir, a small area of land that lies between Pakistan and India. Each country currently controls their own portion of the land, but they keep fighting for total control over Kashmir. The two countries have fought multiple wars over the area, but haven't really gotten anywhere. Kashmir is still fought over between Pakistan and India with Kashmir's citizens caught in the crossfire.


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