Tyler Kurt

Traits 1: Shot Puppiess

He was in police room


- Was in a police room

-Knows how to handle a gun at young age

Trait 2: Anger problems


- He shot a guy

- Shot himself

Trait 3: Lonely


- No family really

- Just looking for a friend

- suffers from low self esteem

Family Problems

-parents are divorced and left him

-Mom visits her sister in Chicago on Plato's birthday

-Dad left the family long ago

I don't think Plato changed over the movie. He was upset in the beginning because he shot the puppies. And then over the movie he was still not happy because of what Buzz was doing to Jim. Then at the end he was mad because he didn't want Jim to get hurt so he shot one of Buzz's friends. Then Plato got shot by the police.


The Chickie run: It's a symbol because Jim always hated being called a chicken. So he was always determined to prove that he wasn't. It didn't matter how dangerous it was. So when they played the game. He tried to win.


The theme is teenagers with problem families. All the teenagers have a family that either left them or doesn't care for them. So I figured that would be the theme.


Why did Jim do the "Chickie Run"

Jim did the Chickie Run because Buzz had called him a chicken. So this was a way to prove he wasn't a chicken.