Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi

Rasbperry Pi is a cheap computer. Raspberry Pi is as big as a credit card.
Raspberry Pi was developed in response to a lack of computer literate young people and to make computing more widespread.
It's the perfecrt machine for making projects.

What can you do with it?

A - Use it as a general purpose computer.
You can install an office package and a printer but you have to be patient because it's slow.
B - Use it as media centre.
You can connect it to your TV. This is useful because lonely people can look at cat pictures without having to buy an expensive computer.
C - Learn to program.
Raspberry Pi is slow but the video said you can program on it.
D - Electronics.
You can get an add-on board such as PiFace to experiment with electronics safetly.
E - Add a camera.
You can add the camera module and take pictures. You can also add a webcam and make a security system for your house.
F - Robotics.
G - Network storage
H - Retro games console
That is something im personally interested in.
I - weather station
It's not like we have smartphones and thermometers.

Tõlge laiskadele

A - Kasutada seda üldkasutatava arvutina
Sa saad paigaldada Office paketi ja printeri, aga ole kannatlik, sest see on aeglane
B - Meediakeskusena
Sa saad selle ühendada oma telekaga. Üksikud inimesed saavad vaadata kassi pilte ilma, et nad peaksid ostma kalli arvuti
C - õppida programmeerimist
Rasbperry Pi on aeglane, aga video ütles, et sa saad selle peal programmeerida.
D - Elektroonika
Ostes 2 panni saad ainult ühe.
E - Lisada kaamera
Sa saad lisada kaamera mooduli piltide tegemiseks ja veebikaamera, et Microsoft näeks, kuidas sa magad.
F - Robootika
G - Misasi?
H - Retro mängude consool
Sellest olen ma ise huvitatud.
I - Ilmajaam
Miks? Ma tegelikult leian sellele mitu head kasutusala aga siiski, enamasti üsna mõtetu.