Thursday, Apr 25th, 9am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

About The Games

In the first game Travel through 3 exciting worlds to get to the 4th and final world were you finish. The first world is in a small forest and you need to collect all apples. The second world is neon and all you need to do is travel straight through it. Then the thrid world you need to try not to hit any of the rovers and collect the big apple to kill them of. Then finaly once you travel to the final world and collect the star you have won.

In the second game you have to collect the apples to get through to the second world. Then youi have to kill off the figure shooting you by shooting him using the space bar. finally once you get through to the third and final world you collect thew star and you have offically won ther game.

More Info About The Game

The paths get narrow as you travell through the 3 worlds. In world 3 there are rovers and if you make contact or touch them you will die, and the game will be over. The are deadly so you need to dodge them and focus more on collecting the apple to get you through to the next world, and more importantly kill the rovers.