A Travel Guide to Earth

by: Kylia Nicole Nelkie

The Red Sea (oceans and seas)


fishing for food, import & export, and boating


animal attacks, ocean (acidification meaning reduction in pH primaraly from uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), Ocean dead zones( low oxygen areas in the water causing extensive nutrient pollution), and pollution causing food (fish) to die!!!

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Packing List

-Fishing Gear (fishing pole, bait)


- Water

-First Aid Kit

- Food

- Swimsuit

- Map, compass

- Scuba Diving gear( oxygen tank, snorkel, face mask)

Travel Tips

When going to visit the red sea you should

- Always wear sunscreen when you are going to be outside

- Bring sun glasses and an umbrella when on the beach

- Stay clear of any odd looking animals or plants

Other Places you Could Visit

Warm Springs in Georgia and Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia.

Mr. Kilimanjaro (hills and mountains)


recreation (hiking and hunting)


could get injury, harder to live in that environment, harder to plant vegetation( for food)

Packing List


-Flashlight or headlamp

- Water, water filter

- Multi - tool

- Matches

- Food

- Insect repellent

- First Aid kit

- Sunscreen

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Travel Tips

-When you are hiking and get hurt immediately get help or bandage yourself up with bandages

- Always travel as a group ( or with a second person )

- When you are thirsty drink water never wait till it's to late

Other places you could visit

Other places you could visit:

- Mt. Everest

- Mt. Bohemia

Sagano Bamboo forest, Japan

Oppourtunties- recreation,hunting and hiking(walking)

Wood ( paper, air, other wood products such as tables, chairs, cupboards

Challenges- loss of our natural forests, pollution, poison plants

Packing List



- Lip balm

- Insect repellent

- Hand Sanitzier

- Instructions on medications

- medications

- Tennis shoes

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Travel Tips

- Always follow your medication directions

- stay away from any strange looking animals or plants

Other places you could go to

-The Amazon forest

-Redwood national forest

3 different ways humans regionalized the earth

Temperatures- ( hot, cold, and warm ) when coming to Earth as you leave different areas you will need different types of clothing.

Land Forms- ( continents, because they are all different heights and sizes.)

Time- ( there are all different kinds of times in different places.)