Goddess of the tides

Life before she was turned into a monster

  • Charybdis was a sea nymph before she was turned into a monster
  • Charybdis was the daughter of Poseidon and Gaea
  • She helped her father with his enemy, Zeus, by flooding the land and islands
  • She also stole six oxen from Helius, Titan God of Sun
  • Zeus was enraged and Struck Charybdis with a thunderbolt and hurled her into the ocean, causing her to turn into a hideous monster that resembled a bladder because she was forced to suck up, and throw up the ocean so many times

Who Charybdis was

  • Charybdis was a monster of the sea
  • Every day, she swallowed up the sea three times to quench her thirst, and everyday she threw up the sea three times
  • This action caused a vicious whirlpool and a very dangerous current between the Strait of Messina, located by a rock, Sicilian, and the coast of Italy
  • Charybdis can be known as either a giant sea monster who was a whirlpool or just a whirlpool
  • Charybdis' whirlpool sometimes caught ships of men passing by and would suck down the ship and its passengers

Many different versions of what Charybdis might have looked like:

Charybdis lived by a giant fig tree on rock Sicilian

What did Charybdis do?

  • Charybdis attacked ships and tore them to pieces
  • Scylla, who lived across from Charybdis, had six heads and was a vicious sea monster that ate men from wrecked ships caused by Charybdis and attacked ship's crews randomly and unexpectedly
  • If a ship were to sail too close to either one, they were surely out of luck

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