Mitosis and Meiosis

By Tatiana and Clara 2G


Mitosis is the name for making new cells. The new cells are genetically identical to the original cell. The original cell(s) are called parent cells and the new cell(s) are called daughter cells. You need to make new cells for growth and repair e.g organs and tissues.

DNA Replication

In order for a cell to divide the original DNA, inside the cell, must first make a copy of itself. This is called DNA replication:


Meiosis is the cell division of sex cells-the gametes.

The gametes are different to the normal cells because they contain HALF the number of chromosomes.

Normal cells- 46

Gametes- 23

They have this, because when the two types of Gamete (sperm cells and egg cell) join together, they have 46 chromosomes.