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What's TLC? Watch the video below for more insight.

Teaching and Learning Continuum


"Learning become autonomous when students are driven to gain greater knowledge in any study without the prodding of a teacher." - Richard Cash

"People most efficiently achieve success when they have engaged in purposeful and meaningful tasks." - Robert Sternberg


TLC Level 1: Didactic Instruction

This level of the Thinking and Learning Continuum is known as didactic instruction. It's the level in which the teacher does a majority of the direct teaching. Students will be introduced to key terms, vocabulary, and learning goals as they're submerged in the atmosphere of the topic.

Our Lesson:

1. Students will be given flash cards containing vocabulary words related to biomes such as:

- biome

- adaptations

- climate

- habitat

- forest

- grassland

- tundra

- ocean

- desert

2. Students will be asked to define these words on their own, within a small group, before given the exact definition.

3. After students have had some interactions with the words, they will watch a few videos of the different biomes around the world. (At this point, we will bring in math facts to discuss the percentage of earth that each biome covers.

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TLC Level 2: Facilitated Instruction

The second level of the Teaching and Learning Continuum is called "Facilitated Instruction." At this stage, students should begin taking control over the learning process as teachers begin backing away from total control over the learning process. Students share thoughts and ideas as they start to build their confidence.

Our Lesson:

1. Students will interact with the learning goal through dictation.

2. Students will share ideas on ways they believe they can reach the learning goals and become masters of the content.
3. After sharing ideas, students will be given a Biome Flipbook to fill in, draw and create biome habitat scenes.

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TLC Level 3: Coached Instruction

Level three of the continuum is called "Coached Instruction." This is the point in which students are nearly owning the material they're interacting with. The teacher's role is to primarily monitor progress, participate in ongoing assessments of any special needs that may be present among learners and provide descriptive feedback to all learners.

Our Lesson:

1. Students will continue building their Biome Flipbook which is an artistic design of the different biomes, listing the animals and plants within that habitat, noting each of the organism's method of adapting to their environment.

2. Students will have many choices as to how they would like to depict their flipbook pages. Students can draw each animal and plant. Students can cut and paste pictures from the internet. Students can trace card stock animals or use stamps instead of normal coloring utensils.

3. Students will be able to interact and gather ideas from one another.

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TLC Level 4: Consultative Instruction

Students at the fourth level of the continuum have entered into "Consultative Instruction." Here, student and teacher roles have practically switched since level one of the TLC model. Students have complete control over their learning, constructing, implementation and evaluation.

Our Lesoon:

1. Students will continue finishing their Biome Flipbooks.

2. As groups of students finish their work, they will need to decide on a way to present their work to the entire class. (Students may chose to design a poster board, construct a PowerPoint presentation, write and sing a song, create a diorama, etc.)

3. Students will be graded on the completion of the Biome Flipbook and the fullness of their group's presentation.

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