High School Preperation

Section 3 and 4 (5 and 6 on bottom)

Related Courses

Math and Woods both prepare me for this because they have a useful skill they can give me when I am in training.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Outdoor Adventure Club and the Engineering Club would benefit me by giving me an idea about what I would be doing in that field.

Work Experience

Training camp that would prepare me for the Air Force.That would show me how tough it is to get into that branch.


  1. Ms. Megan Luciano- Math Teacher,District #212

  2. Ms.Ripley-Global Studies Teacher, District #212

  3. Ms.Voorhees-Spanish Teacher,District #212

Post Secondary Plans


There are colleges that have ROTC for the Air Force but none major in them.


There is no Internships/Apprentices that are for the Air Force