#beingr @Rossett

The Daily Newspaper for the 3R's week

Wednesday's Edition of #beingr @Rossett

Wednesday in the 3R's week has seen a huge amount of #beingr check out the photo highlights and the tweets below.

#beingr in PE

@Mike_Sweetman: @Rossett #beingr some of the yr7 football team at training tonight following win yesterday. #resilience. http://t.co/d2Al56FiXi

@RossettDB: Good luck to the #BTECSport students @Rossett in their online assessment this morning! #beingr

@mrbulmerPE: @rossett #gcsepe1 Harry,Dylan, Jess, Harry and Alex sum up the long term effects of CV system in 6 secs #beingr

#beingr in MFL

Year 8 Spanish Lewis and Kane looking for the best deal on flights to Mallorca.

@senoritabutler: French OP 1:2 truly embodied #beingr in their lesson yesterday. Fab work produced with really challenging structures and vocab @Rossett

@senoritabutler: @KnoxCharley working hard on the subjunctive today #beingr @Rossett

@Elsenorkehoe: Yr9 Spanish vocab busting team marker #beingr and reflecting on vocab learnt this term fierce competition@Rossett http://t.co/4eE7HnLNT6

#beingr in History

@Westylish: Responsibility and reflection in action in GCSE history #beingr personified @rossett https://t.co/wDEBDo2ZUc

@Westylish: Excellent behaviour and focus as my GCSE class look to improve their Popplets #beingr @rossett http://t.co/R6oojrXoNL

@Westylish: GCSE students use my ExplainEverything vid & #beingr to produce a personalised mock exam improvement guide @rossett http://t.co/8mMZfifbFf

@ukedchat: MT @Westylish: Great to see all of my class turning up for after school revision!" #bejngr #ukedchat http://t.co/EzR7xu6ra6

@Westylish: My revision class play a YouSayWePay style game to check knowledge of USA in 1920s #beingr @Rossett https://t.co/ORVhgju8Nm

#beingr in Science

@MrSykelotron: A Level Physicists reflecting on their experimental data @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/yP1WZn0XiV

#beingr in English

@MissToll: A2 @Rossett #beingr by completing learning mats as preparation for an exam. R points all round! http://t.co/mrFTw6PEC6

@ChughesMrs: Yr7 using DIRT to reflect and respond to feedback on poetry essays- brilliant demonstration of #beingr@Rossett. http://t.co/cXzKtGf014

@ChughesMrs: Yr7 creating their own fairytale raps - sharing fabulous ideas and #beingr@Rossett http://t.co/HNtV6Gt1a4

@MissToll: Y10 @Rossett with @SAMcLoughlin #beingr by teaching each other about the stanza they were given responsibility for http://t.co/bS0NuGVLuY

@MissB_M: @Rossett Yr10 #beingr in English-instructions on Showbie & independently using resources available to complete tasks! http://t.co/qE5nQGDrxX

#beingr in PSHEE

@mrbulmerPE: 11BU #beingr labelling different foods and discussing their responsibilities at home. http://t.co/SLwPh8I6pg

@MissB_M: @rossett 10BT weren't ready for the emotional turmoil of the baby turtles and their resilience! What inspirational creatures! #beingr

@MsBracher: 7BR working on 3Rs Venn diagrams- responsible, resilient AND reflective @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/XjeaAAl8wW

@Mike_Sweetman: @Rossett #beingr A magnificent effort by 7HT in assembly. Well done everyone! http://t.co/0LBjLdMmdR

#beingr in ICT

@Mrs_Sagu: Well done to class Scratch 'experts' Olivia, Kris, Luke, Beth & Jack 7HT #beingr by completing their games & assisting others @Rossett

#beingr in Technology

@mrs_phelps_dt: #beingr @Rossett resilience personified by GCSE yr11 legends http://t.co/MpzqpBn241

#beingr @Rossett goes global!

@Westylish: Wow "#beingr @Rossett" our daily 3Rs newspaper has a truly global audience!
The 3 R's Culture of Learning @Rossett