Pencil helper!!!!

By hailey,tanner,tristan,Ja'Shane'

Pencil helper can do many things such as...

  • Helps with homework
  • Writes for you
  • You tell it what to write and it will do it
  • Never have to be sharpened. (If it breaks it grows back)


It's just a plain pencil but its a little bit biggier than a regular pencil.It has smileley faces on it and it has a red easer.


Hey guys my name is bob the pencil. Want to here a joke about pencils, never mind it's piontless


700 out of 1000 people recommend the pencil helper


900 people have it you should have it too

Celebrity endorsement

Kadie perry uses pencil so you should too


If you buy it now you get two free


The price is 63.99 in a pack. For shipping and handling 5 dollars extra. 5 pencils come in a pack

We are marketing...

People 0-12 can have it.

Resources ...

Google images


Reading notebook

Thank you

Thank you for reading about the pencil helper.


Helps you with your homework