The G.E.M.M.

Golden Eagle Monthly Media Report for August-September 2016

Library Statistics

Number of items added to the collection: 118

Checkouts: 1439

Renewals: 118

Electronic book checkouts: 403

Free flow visits:2639

Periods reserved: 78

Google Hangout with a Class from Sweden

Banned Book Week-Celebrating the Freedom to Read

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Click Here to View Banned Book Week Mug Shots

Teacher created lists of their favorite Banned Books and posed for mug shots celebrating their right to read.

Breakout Boxes-An Exciting New Learning Option Available through Your LJHS Media Center!

Teachers had the opportunity to compete in a Breakout Box Challenge called Dr. Johnson's Zombie Apocalypse.

National History Day Research-All 8th grade students learned how to access the LJHS Library's databases and electronic book collections

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Social Media Analytics August-September 2016

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Instagram Stats

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