mountaions and rivers

In southeast their are a lot of mountains and rivers. Some of the mountains names are Magazine mountain Mt.Rogers Mt. Mitchell and the longest mount-ions is the Appalachia mount-ion and it goes through Virginia,West Virginia,Kentucky,North Carolina,South Carolina,Tennessee,Georgia and Alabama and all the parts of the Appalachia mount ion.Their are a lot of rivers in Southeast and rivers are all around Southeast.Many rivers are arranged in a line called a Fall line.

Clime t of Southeast

Southeast clime t is mostly warm and in the winter in some states it dosen't get colder than 50 degrees and in other states in the Southeast its 70 degrees and warmer.Louisiana is the most rainiest place in Southeast and the average rain fall is 57 inches for an year.In the Appalachian mount ion the tempter drops.In the Southeast Their is most likely to be a hurricane and their is a hurricane season.

Farming in Southeast

Southeast farm a lot of different crops.Southeast grows food like oranges,peanuts,peaches,soy beans,corn,tobacco,sugarcane,rice and cotton.The farming happens at the cos tel plains of Southeast.Over 107 million trees produces citrus fruit.Southeast produces over 1.5 billion pounds of peanuts a year.Also tobacco is grown all over Southeast.

Mining in Southeast

Southeast mine for one thing only and that is coal.The only reason Southeast mine for coal is because they burn it to make electricity and half of the unitivestates electricity comes from coal.It takes millions of years for coal to form. coal can be found in the Appalachia mountains parts of Kentucky and west Virginia.


Southeast common business is wood farming . The only reason that Southeast is because there is really nice type of wood in southeast and the wood is rare and the farmers sell all the stuff they make out of the wood. And farmers make furncher and some of the wood was made in pulp and wood chips to make paper.The wood is found in the pine forest and the Appalachia mountain.