Summer Bucket Challenge #4

Games, Engagement, Enthusiasm (Marzano)

Games, Engagement, Enthusiasm (Marzano)

Challenge #4

Summer 2016

May 20 - July 29

All grade levels and subject areas

DQ5: What will I do to engage students (Marzano)

What will I do to effectively help students interact with new knowledge?

Challenge completion information will be posted below:

Games, Engagement, Enthusiasm (Marzano)

DQ2: Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

Element 25: Academic Games

Part A: Interactive Video: Zaption: Add images, text, quizzes and discussions to your videos as well as those from YouTube and Vimeo to create a “learning tour.”

Zaption: Please see this link for an overview of this amazing tool.

1. Please view and answer questions for this "Tour"

2. Zaption and SAMR Tour: Please view and Respond

3. Please view: How to Create a Zaption Tour

3. Time to create account/sign in: Please sign in here with your Google Account

4. Go the "gallery" and take some time viewing "tours" that are available

5. Find one that you could use and choose "copy lesson"

6. This will now show up in "your lessons" and are available to share/use with your class

7. You will have an option to create your own in the final bucket challenge below.

More Zaption tutorials here.

Part B: Interactive Presentations: Pear Deck/Nearpod

Pear Deck:

1.Please see this link for an overview of this awesome tool.

2. See this short video on presenting a Pear Deck

3. Create a Pear Deck account: Simply sign in with your Google Account

4. After logging in you will notice "recent activity" and will have none

4. Please choose "create a new deck"

5. You now have an option to add a slide from scratch or import a current Google Slide presentation, Power Point, or PDF.

6. Please take some time and add a presentation or build a couple of slides.

7. Note: Be sure to Note the new Pear Deck folder in your Drive

8. This folder will contain your Pear Deck creations.

6. Think of a way you can use and implement a Pear Deck with students and share it on the course Padlet.


1. Please see this link for 2016 Nearpod tutorial

2. Create a Nearpod account: Simply sign in with your Google Account

3. Nearpod has a library of available interactive presentation activities

4. After logging in please choose explore.

5. Spend some time "exploring" items that would benefit you.

6. When you find one be sure to select "add to my library"

7. SHARE: Please fine one that you want to share on Padlet

8. To share: Select share on lower left of Nearpod, choose link and copy/paste the link into the course Padlet.

Part C: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: Bringing your Classroom to Life

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: Link: What are the differences and similarities?



2. Download the Aurasma App on iPad or phone.

3. Locate a $20 bill

4. Open the Aurasma App and select the purple scan button.

5. Hold the scanner over the back of the $20 bill

6. Watch the magic happen!

Watch: Teaching with Aurasma

Read: Five Ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom

More:Try one of the two below: Quiver or Chromville:

Download app, print and color pages...

Quiver: Elementary: See YouTube video below

Chromville: Elementary

*There is so much you can do with AR/VR in the classroom. Take a minute ad think of something you coudl do. It could be an AR bulletin board, a practice activity, vocabulary review and so much more. Please use the Padlet to post your ideas for AR/VR in YOUR classroom.

Bucket Challenge: Bucket challenge #4 has a lot of options for creation. One of these tools and hopefully more, will be an amazing addition to your DQ5 bag of tricks! For this bucket and the FINAL bucket, you will create one of the following:

1. Zaption

2. Pear Deck or Near Pod

3. Aurasma

1. Think of a lesson or something you could enhance with the use of one of these tools. It could be a bulletin board with augmented reality images, a Zaption "tour" for your classroom routines and procedures, or a Pear Deck/NearPod interactive presentation for a topic or classroom introduction.

2. Please post a link to your Zaption, share your Arasma image (interactive), or Pear Deck/NearPod link to the Padlet for all to view. This Padlet will house a lot of great products and examples for the summer challenges. Besides posting, I hope you take time to view others' ideas and projects to gain ideas for yourself.

3. Complete this Google Form with information regarding your Challenge #3 participation.

Bucket Bonus: Flexible Learning Spaces: What does your personal learning space look like? What does your classroom learning space look like? Check out a couple articles below to see what a flexible learning space might look like for your students.

1.Why the 21st Century Classroom May Remind You of Starbucks

2. Flexible Classrooms: Edutopia

Quiver Augmented Reality - Official Trailer