Entrepreneurial Networking Event.

Connect and Learn


If you work in New Delhi or neighboring cites do come out to the entrepreneurial networking event and meet like minded industrial executives and corporate decision making face-to-face in a relaxed Environment with drinks and appetizers. We will provide a great local venue, to do business, make new connections and learn about those who running their own businesses.

Who are Ethinkin Events for ?

This is the opportunity to mix and mingle with the industries professionals and entrepreneurs related individuals, Whether you are an engineering company executive, financial analyst, an IT/Health care consultant and any peripheral service provider, this event is for you.

· Anyone looking to start a new business – any industry.
· Learning about and discussing how the others started business.

. Learn the new ways to manage your business.


Saturday, May 25th 2013 at 6:30pm

Cafe 27, Kailash Colony, Garhi, New Delhi, Delhi, India

New Delhi, DL

Why you should attend Ethinking Event?

You are here to network with other people -so that you know someone who might not help you out today but later on can be used as reference or potential business initiator. Example – You might be looking for engineer who has worked on solar panels for your project – and if you come to this event then you can connect . Example you are looking find a hedge fund programmer for your venture fund. They all come to these events.