Dirty water is a no no

By: Kiasjah Young and Jocelyn Ventura

You know water scarcity and water pollution is a huge problem in Africa? In Africa the water crisis effects women, infants, school children, adolescent girls, people with disabilities, and elderly people. Water scarcity/pollution has effected adolescent girls by not being able to have private sanitation so they drop out when they hit puberty. They also effect infants because the water is causing the children to have diarrheal diseases. Women go get water instead of get going to school all day. 748 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. In Kenya over 29 million (two-thirds) don't have access to safe water. In Nigeria over 97,000 children die each year of diarrhea because of unsafe water.

If water was clean everywhere three things would happen that are really good. One of then is that the school attendance would increase. Another thing would be that the pollution would reduce. The third thing is it would be that it protects biodiversity. Why are they being unfair and putting water faucets in some villages and not others? I think the should step up there game and start doing it in every village and go at least once every one to two years to go check on it.

We (Kiasjah and Jocelyn) are making a non profit organization. We want to take water to Africa or any place that needs water and put faucets and toilets. We put will put water to let them take showers and et clean and keep hydrated and to not dehydrate. we will put toilets so they wont have to go outside of your house or school, we will also get sanitation thins for the girls that hit puberty. We will keep people over there just incase anything breaks. We will also switch people that are professionals to go switch out a month with someone else so they can spend some time wit h there families too instead of just going and not being able to see your families for years and years.