A Truly Entertaining App ...

Healthy Tap!!!

The Objective of the App

Have you ever played a wack-a-mole game? Was it just awesome that you can bonk things on your head? Well the App "Healthy Tap" is just as fun. You must tap a certain amount of fruits before times runs out. Watch out for the junk food...these "junkies" make you lose time and points!

Some Pics of the Game

Why Fruit Tapping?

With tons of levels, zany characters and great graphics, Healthy Tap is loads of fun. Whether you're waiting in a long line, chilling at home or on a break-fruit tapping is the best way to have fun. The game teaches healthy eating to middle-school students who are always munching on something!

Read the Reviews

"Exhilarating fun game, that teaches the principles of healthy eating without the loss of fun."

- Adi Chhabra

"This is AWESOME! I would pay like a million bucks for it."

-Maryam Khan

"It is so good. I really liked it. I think that it was a very good app. It will be a top seller in the app store. The graphics are next to amazing. The quality of the game is just too good."

-Jovin Cheema

"This app is a creative and entertaining app that combines two things: entertainment and motivation. The app itself Is an old classic: wackamole. Almost everyone has played and enjoyed it, and this app brings it back. Combining it with a common issue, unhealthy eating makes the app tackle two things at once."

-Esa Ahmed

About the Creators

The 4 creators of Fruit Tap are Emi, Ben, Shahmil and Oasika. They are students of Allan A. Martin Senior Public School. They have worked hard to create their product and are proud of what they have accomplished.