William austin

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I dreamed of murder

I didn't know he had a knife until I felt cold metal on my neck. I couldn't see his face but he kept manoeuvring me down the bus. I could see him elo boost through the faces of the people around me. Eyes reflected in horror and panic revolving. I felt so cold, like some kind of ice in my veins. My feet tripped on the stuff littering the floor. It was like I was some kind of example, that he was taunting me to threaten and to frighten.

I watched these people pulling in, wrapping arms around themselves. My sister was crying. I could see elo boost her tears and she was moaning. He paraded me so intent on observing them as they watched me. All the time that metal line was on my skin. It was almost too much to say it. I knew I couldn't cry.

I could see Ellie’s face and I didn’t want to make her scared. There were others with guns I couldn't see at first. They bunched at the front, hands manipulating automatic weapons and burning hatred through eyes I had never seen before. There were others outside. The back door elo boost of the bus was wrenched open. Whimpers turned into screams O God to draw on her memory, to pull it back to the present like a magnet attracting metal. It tore and bruised.

There was a hush. Evie quieted herself like she was there again; standing with that knife to her neck, feeling the weight of impending terror. He turned me around, moved his knife from my neck to my chest. I could feel my elo boost blood trickling down my neck where he cut me. Red spilling down on to my T-shirt. He pulled one of my arms up and as I watched he cut me. He traced a line down the inside of my arm.

He watched me as he pulled down harder. It was like he wanted me to scream. I bit my lip because I didn't want to give in. Then he elo boost shoved the knife at me. Evie felt it like a ghostly punch to her midriff before she said it. Deep. Thick.

A fist pulling on her insides and fire, so much burning fire. I remember a cold hard depth in me, burning pain and then fading out. Falling moments of panic, pain and elo boost crying. At some point I felt lifting and then the heat of sun burning me, I realised I was outside. Moaning, screaming. And then until the last second, I was falling into a void, silent but for screams.
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