Harappan Culture

Language, Culture, Religion, & Trade


The Harappan culture ​​​​developed a written language.

The Harappan language is found on stamps and seals made of carved stone used ​​for trading pottery and tools.

About 400 symbols make up the language.


A few weapons...conflict was limited.

Peaceful people.

Animals were an important part of the culture.


The rulers of Harappan civilazation are believed to have close ties to religion.

Archaeologists think that the culture was a theocracy.

Priests likely prayed for good harvests and safety from floods.

May be early representations of Shiva, a major Hindu god. Figures relate to a mother goddess, fertility images, and the worship of the bull.


They trade with people in the region.

Gold and silver.

The Indus River provided an excellent means of transportation for trade goods.

Indus River provided a link to the sea, this allowed Indus Valley inhabitants to develop trade with distant people; including the Mesopotamians

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