Erickson's Eggs

Fresh Eggs

Our eggs are a 100% fresh and we are selling our eggs. Are eggs are $3.00 a dozen. If you would like to buy our eggs please come to our house to pick them up.

Where to find and contact us!

Contact us- 715-294-4493

E-mail us-

Address- 1901c 60th ave Osceola WI

A little about us

My name is George Erickson and i have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I've always wanted to be a small farmer. we have chickens,bees, and a garden. hopefully, we will be selling honey in late fall. We have 15 chickens that lay way to many eggs and have an extreme appetite. They are all very healthy chicken and are not treated with any chemicals. The eggs are a little POOPY!!! But trust me i haven't tasted a better egg yet.