Sieur de La Salle

Read to discover his journy to the USA

Gladys Manzo

NWR Series

Early Life

La Salle an explore he became an explore because he was the only European to traveler his closest companion where Nika the Shawnee also la salle he conquered the Mississippi river he also found mexico

la salle helped the Native Americans.. His dream was to go to china

he raised money for necessary,reaqiered stuff he completed all of his study he was going to be sent to china but his planed did not work he tout some young boys on April 9,1682 rene roberto cavelir de la salle claimed the Mississippi river valley from canda in the name of french

Winning Over Tribes

La salle enervated people from smell communicating. to win over tribes that were truly inspired la salle went back to monteula to raise money for necessary supplies la salle never gave up on his dream loise got persuade that la salle traveling was useless but that never stopped la salle from making his dream true

the chefs and la salle

the chefs wanted to meet la salle tonty and father zonobe landed with the gifts across swamp to smell in landed lake there they came to a native ton la salle needed someone to lead him to the Ohio river he also soled his land for men equipment

Finding the Mouth of the Mississippi River

la Salle wanted to fined the mouth of the Mississippi river and the Spanish pirates stole

the ship one of his brother was a trouble maker he thought leading an army was as easy as learning Greek as you can see he was very busy so much going on back than also in march 20,1687 la salle was approaching to the camp his own men shot him he fill facing forward La Salle had so many ideas for the new France La Salle was realized for america but not for france