The 1964 Civil Rights Act.

By. Hector Ruiz

civil rights

On June 11, 1963, president John F. Kennedy gave a televised speech talking about the importance of civil rights for all Americans.

Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s

-1960 S.N.C.C (student non-violent coordinating committe.)

Young students began to boycott segregation businesses , using sit-ins to cause businesses to lose money and eventually desegregation.

-1960 Sibley Commossion

Many school districts in Georgia threatened to close their school if they were forced to desegregation.

-1961 UGA Desegragation

Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter were the first black students integrated In the all-white college.

-1961 Albany Movement.

Dr. King helped to organize a large movement to end segregation in the south Georgia city of Albany.

-1963 March on Washington

The march was so effective that congress signed the civil rights act and the voting rights act.