Meeting in the Middle

April 2016

Principal's Pondering

Dear Parents:

Spring break is here, and by the time we get back, we will have less than two months of school left! In that time, not only do we continue the business of teaching and learning, but we also will be taking the state required M-STEP tests. The good news is that we do not have to alter our schedule as much as we did last year. I have posted the testing calendar on the Web site. Testing blocks will be one hour, which means we will not run advisory during testing. Beginning April 12th, during 8th grade testing, we will run 3rd-6th hour in the beginning of the day and end with 1st and 2nd hour. Starting April 26th, the 7th grade will be testing, and we will run 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th hours before lunch. We will end the day with 3rd and 4th hours. We end testing with the 6th grade. Beginning May 9th, we will run a normal schedule with the exception of eliminating study skills.

As the year winds down, please keep these important dates in mind:

Tuesday, April 12th 8th Grade ELA/Social Studies M-STEP Testing Begins

Tuesday, April 19th 8th Grade Mathematics M-Step Testing Begins

Thursday, April 21st 8th Grade High School Parent Night; 5:30 PM at LHS

Thursday, April 21st LMS Art Fair; 2:40-4:30 PM

Friday, April 22nd Last day for Box Top/Alpine Receipt Collection; Lunches

Tuesday, April 26th 7th Grade ELA/Science M-STEP Testing Begins

Monday, May 2nd 8th Grade Yearbook Signing Party Parent Meeting; 6:00 PM

Tuesday, May 3rd 7th Grade Mathematics M-STEP Testing Begins

Tuesday, May 3rd Parent Koffee Klatch; 4:00-5:00 PM, Media Center

Tuesday, May 3rd Sinking Fund Renewal Vote! More information below!

With the warm weather and long days, staying focused on learning is tough for our students. Please continue using ParentVue to track day-to-day homework, keep updated on your child’s academic progress, and e-mail to communicate with teachers. Communication and a strong home/school relationship are essential to the success of our students! We continue to offer after school tutoring on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays in the media center from 2:40-3:40 PM. Please contact the main office if you would like your child to attend.

Julie Brown, Principal

Talented Talons

Language Arts: In Language Arts class, students are finishing up their grammar unit on pronouns. After Spring Break, students will be spending some time on our next genre of study: adventure! Students will have the opportunity to read tales of daring, danger, and triumph. While reading these stories, we will continue focusing on literary elements including static and dynamic characters, plot elements, themes, and vivid language.

Social Studies: Students have been learning about Economics and World Trade. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn in this unit, so please help your child study it. We will be learning why some countries are considered “rich” and others are considered “poor.” Many factors play into this formula for whether a country is rich or poor: geography, history, civics/government, and economic system. Students will be looking at the factors that lead to economic growth and why the United States is considered a wealthy country. Another concept students will be learning about is imperialism in the world. We will be taking a close look at Tanzania in Africa.

Math: We’ve begun the study of Geometry (Gee I’m A Tree). Our first topic focuses on finding the Area of various Polygons. Students are required to show all work in order to gain credit on homework. After Spring Break, we’ll move on to surface area, which requires maximum attention to detail- so rest up during break.

Science: We are moving with the waves of energy! Waves transfer energy, and there are many different kinds. We will be exploring how these waves work and the connection between amplitude and energy as well as the relationship between frequency and wavelength. Make sure that if you are given a practice reinforcement for a learning target that you do it and turn it in. Practice makes perfect :)

Winged Warriors

In Social Studies, we are working through Chapter 8-Mexico. In this unit, the students are learning about Mexico’s landforms, climate types, natural resources, animals, and plants. The students will discover what early cultures developed in Mexico and how those cultures have influenced Mexico today. Finally, the children will learn about present-day Mexico, exploring the government and economy. Please continue to monitor your child’s progress on-line. Feel free to contact me if you have a concern.

In Language Arts, students completed their study of Tuck Everlasting and wrote alternate endings. Students are currently finishing their study of pronouns. When we return from break, student will begin their novel study of Al Capone Does My Shirts.

Science classes are finishing up their study of Waves and tested on March 31st. When we return from break, we will begin our study of Newton’s Laws and basic physics. Please remind your student to retake unit Outs if the score is less than a 4 on them. This is an easy way to improve grades. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Math classes have worked with ratios the past three chapters. In the last chapter, students found how to use percent, change ratios to percents, and percent of a number. The next two chapters will be covering geometry concepts. Students will be finding area of different polygons in chapter 1,3 and in chapter 14 they will be finding surface area and volume. Please remember that all tests can be retaken within two weeks of the original test. Also, all grades are found on Digits, not ParentVue. Please note that homework is due the following day for full credit. In previous trimesters, students were allowed two full days to complete homework. Students have been informed that they only have one day to do homework in third trimester.

Regal Eagles

With this new season brings new topics of study. In social studies, students are studying the culture of Africa. In science, students are learning about genetics and heredity. In language arts, we are finding research about major world cities, taking note cards, and learning how to give credit to our sources using MLA.

Thank you for sending in permission slips and money for our field trip to Cooley Stadium in May. We appreciate all of the chaperones willing to take time out to help us keep kids safe. Remember, outside food is not allowed into the stadium, so plan on bringing money for lunch.

Don’t let spring affect your student’s study habits! Continue to check planners and ParentVue. Make sure your child still has enough pencils and notebooks to finish the year. We appreciate your partnership.

Soaring Eagles

It’s hard to believe we have already begun in the third trimester. Everyone seems to be off to a great start! M-STEP testing will begin after spring break this year. More information will be coming regarding the daily schedule and the specific dates/times your child will be testing.

When students are not testing, they will be hard at work in their classes! Things will be heating up after spring break in language arts as we begin the mythology unit! This is Ms. Marton’s favorite genre, and she knows students will enjoy learning about the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome. In math, Mrs. Boyer’s classes are working on attributes of a circle. In social studies, students continue to learn about Africa, Nelson Mandela, and his contributions to the world.

The 7th grade, will be going on a field trip to Lansing to see the Lugnuts play baseball on Wednesday, May 25. We are hoping for good weather for this fun day at the ballpark!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Updated grades are available on StudentVue and ParentVue. If you do not know your child’s log-in information, please contact the main office at 591-0711.

Sinking Fund Renewal Vote - Important Information!

· This will not increase taxes...just renew current

· Election is May 3, 2016

· Used for remodeling, repairs, and/or construction of buildings and sites

· NOT used for teacher, administrator, or employee salaries

· $761,353.00 (approximate)...estimated revenue the school district will collect if the millage is approved

· If not renewed, only source of funding for building repairs will be the general fund, which will take money from your students!

· Renewal is for 1.31 mills for a period of 10 years

8th Grade Newsletter Information

We hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break 2016! This means Michigan’s warm spring weather is starting. Please make sure your student is properly dressed according to the school dress code. For your reference, use a 4 by 6 inch card to measure length of skirts shorts (from the knee) and necklines!

As the long awaited spring/summer weather approaches, it is easy replace homework time with outdoor activities. This can lead to lower grades. Eighth graders are well into the final trimester of the school year. It is more important than ever to keep checking your student’s progress on ParentVue! (Synergy). Also, teachers are posting homework assignments with due dates and upcoming tests/quizzes on ParentVue to keep you informed. If you still cannot access your account, please call the office. It is also important to keep checking your student’s Digits math account. This will help you check for missing assignments!

In Language Arts, eighth grade students are exploring the science fiction genre. We will read novels such as The Giver and Fahrenheit 451! We will also read many short science fiction pieces throughout the trimester and tackle a persuasive writing essay.

Cedar Point is the last 8th grade field trip. The date is Tuesday, June 7th. Students will leave LMS at 6:15 A.M. and return around 10:30 P.M. Cost is $87. This includes transportation and drink wristband! Look for permission slips after spring break to come home.

M-Step testing for 8th grade students will begin on Tuesday, April 12th. Please make sure your child is well rested and has had breakfast.

How to Monitor Your Kid's iPhone or Android Text Messages

As parents, we cannot be too vigilant in monitoring social media and protecting our children. Please use the link below to access an article about monitoring your child's text messaging. Kids are kids and will make mistakes. That's why they have parents - to guide and protect.

March Writer of the Month

As part of the Writer of the Month program, each month students will be honored for completing an exceptional piece of writing. These selections will be on display in the Media Center. The Writers of the Month for March are:

Zachary Shelton

Mallory Hammill

Cade Vadasz

Kaitlyn Rice

Tyler Matheson

Nathan Katzenberger

Jordyn Hawk

Emma Wise

Katelyn Stuteville

Alaina Zander

Brianna Miller

Nickolas Hukill

Kathryn Walterhouse

Zayda Richards

Stella Mylchreest