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February 2014 Newsletter

{Big Hootie Hoot!!}

Sending out some Hootie Hoots!

Team Volume
Our Team did Great with a Team Volume of $7,807!

Top 3 Personal Volume for January
1. Bridget Browning - $870

2. Denise Booth - $830

3. Brenda McNair - $561

Way to Go!!!

{Local Team Meeting}

We didn't get to have our Team Meeting on it's original date due to bad weather, but we did finally have it this past Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. Many of those that had originally planned on coming couldn't make it to the rescheduled date. I wish everyone could have been there. I will be including most of the information we covered here in this newsletter, so I hope it will be of some help to you.


We recognized the Designers with the Highest PV for the months of Oct - Dec. 2013.

  • #1 - Denise Booth with a total PV of $5175
  • #2 - Karrie Spears with a total PV of $4117
  • #3 - Jennifer Beavers with a total PV of $2928

We also recognized those that added a Designer to their Team for the months of Oct - Dec. 2013

Added 1 Designer

  • Mauricea Charles

  • Savannah Purkey

  • Karrie Spears

  • Brenda McNair

Added 2 Designers

  • Tiffany Kenny

Great Job! I'm so proud of you all!!


There are many different ways to run a Facebook Party. You can hold the event over a 2 week period & just post photos of different locket creations for the guests to get an idea of what will look good and post the link to your replicated site. Or, you can do a Live Event, where you have a more interactive party. This is the way that I have done mine. They are Fun and don't take up too much of your or the Hostess' time.

  • Get with your Hostess & set a date/time for your Facebook Party. I would suggest only holding the event for 30 minutes - 1 hour.
  • Create a Facebook Event (suggest doing it from your personal FB page & not your Origami Owl page so as to not have it show to everyone but only those the Hostess invites). Set date/time that was agreed upon. Be sure to say it's a Live Event, that they don't need to leave the house or dress up. They can Party in their PJ's!
  • With a FB live event, you have to be able to keep up with everyone posting. Keep refreshing your screen so you see all new posts. Be sure you "Like" the guests' posts & coach your Hostess so she is interacting with the guests as well. Be quick to answer any questions they may have.
  • You don't have to have a video, but I do believe it is helpful. You can have someone record you showing off the product or be behind the camera instead. It gives the guests a closer look at all Origami Owl has to offer. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo then post the video link during the party.
  • Here is a sample script to help you with your party. I suggest tailoring it to fit your audience. Then just copy/paste each section at the appropriate time.
  • This is a link to a Facebook Party I did on my Origami Owl page. Remember that it's not in chronological order since FB moves posts to the top that have been Liked or commented on most recently.
  • Be sure to have some type of Give-A-Way near the end of your event.


Fundraisers are a great way to get your name out there & to support a good cause all at the same time. How you do the fundraiser & how much of your profit you give is totally up to you. You can give out Take Out Menu's but keep in mind, that can get expensive. You can choose to hand out flyers instead if that is more economical.

Here is a Link to our Dropbox of Fundraising Flyers and a contract that you can have signed by the group so everything is understood.


Do you want to Book Parties? Wouldn't it be great to have the Support and Participation of others - to book Parties Simultaneously? Join our Team, Every week, in

our Weekly Booking Blitz Challenge.

Most Designers think parties are 'hard' to get. They say they "can’t get parties" or "no one is interested" or they've "Talked to Everyone" but most the time the real reason you, or your team, are having booking problems it’s because they/you haven’t even Asked for a Party. We've found that if you do this booking blitz with a buddy, whether in person or via Facebook Group, in a timed challenge, there is a BIG likelihood you will get lots of bookings.

Step 1: Get your Calendars Ready!

How can you Book parties if you don't have days and times out in front of you - to book with? You MUST have your calendar open/out so you can SCHEDULE the Hostess right then and there - Put their name on a date!

Step 2: Who's on your Contact "Hit List"?

Preparation of your Contact list is Key. Prepare your list of who you want to Contact. Notice, I said 'contact' not call. You can Call, Text, Email, Skype, Facebook message, etc. anyone you know. You may have contacts who you only converse with on FB and don't have their phone number. Put them on your list to Contact. Some of your Contacts like to Text instead of talk. Some like to Talk and never email.

Maybe this Thursday you only Make Phone Calls. Next Thursday you plan on Facebook Personal Messages or you do some of everything. It's all up to you but... you MUST have a Plan before you start your Booking Blitz!

If you don't know where to start with compiling your Hit list, Think of past hostesses or Customers. If you are new to the business, think about those friends and family that would really love having a party to HELP YOU get your business off the ground. If you've never completed your "List of 100" from your Start-Up Guide... Go fill it out now and start there!

NO MASS or GROUP Messages! When asking for a party you cannot mass text/email/fb message people. You have to ask each person individually and make it personal by putting their name at top (if you aren't calling them). Think about how you'd be most likely to say YES to someone contacting you to have a party with

another Party Plan biz. Would you like a Personal request or an impersonal group request? Would a live phone call put you on the spot more and make you more likely to say YES? Think about the kind of results you want and be very thoughtful about your approach to each of your contacts.

Step 3: Set a Time Frame for your Blitz

Are you going to take 30 Minutes at Noon? How about 45 Minutes at 6pm? Are you going to find a Partner(s) on our FB Group or from your Team to do your Blitz with during the same time period to help motivate and hold you both accountable? Whatever you decide to do... Set a Start Time and 30-60 Minutes that you will dedicate to your Blitz.

Step 4: Everything is Better with a Buddy!

Make your Booking Blitz fun by getting together with other team members either in person or online and keep cheering each other on. Maybe set a Booking Goal like 4 Bookings in 40 minutes.

These are the kinds of things that keep you working the full Blitz date & time you set. If you don't know of anyone to buddy up with... Go on our Facebook Group and ASK anyone if they'd like to be your Booking Blitz buddy for that date. People will buddy with you!

Whether you have 1 buddy or 10 - make sure to find a buddy. You will hold yourself accountable this way'll have more success as well as fun when you are having a healthy competition with friends that you get to cheer on who are also cheering for you!

Step 5: What Are You Going to Say?

Have your CUSTOM scripts in front of you (See Link). Your ATTITUDE comes through on the phone and even in an email! Remember to smile when speaking and even while typing. Be excited and sincere and most of all...HAVE FUN with your Contacts. Make them Want to have a Party with you.

Be sure to post how you're doing with your Blitz on my Facebook Group! Also, we will be having a small giveaway for whomever booked the most parties from your booking blitz. We will find out how well everyone did at our next Team Meeting on April 28th.


You can win this Beautiful Locket Display! The designer with the Highest combined total for January - March 2013 will win this Locket Display! So Whoo's Ready to Party Hard?!?!?

{How to Contact the Nest}

  • Designer Care/Customer Care - 888.491.0331 (M-F / 10 - 10 EST and Sat. 11 - 8 EST)

Send a message by using the Origami Owl Contact Form. You can find it here. Be sure to log out of your Back Office before trying to use the contact form. If you are logged in, they have found that the messages are not being received.

{Have you joined my Facebook Group?}

I have a FB group for all of my downline (Hint: If you receive this email, you are on my downline :) . Click here Mountaineer Memory Makers Helpful Tip Group to add yourself to the group. I have plenty of shareable photos, FB post ideas and hints to help your O2 Business grow.

Let's make FEBRUARY our Best Month Ever!!

Kristin Collins, Independent Designer

Mountaineer Memory Makers