Festival of Athens!

Commemorating 100 Years Since Its Founding

Pericles, The Man Who Started It All

Pericles was the leader of Athens during its golden age. The Golden Age of Athens was a time of prosperity, democratic innovation, and great artistic achievements. For 32 years, Pericles built the foundation of the great Athenian legacy through his innovations. He strengthened Athenian democracy by making public official jobs paid positions. This also allowed for a more balanced approach to democracy because it allowed the poor to participate in Athenian government. Not only was he a fantastic political innovator, but he also revitalized the Athenian economy. By using money from the Delian League's treasury, he built Athens a stronger Navy that he then used to facilitate a safer, and more efficient trade network that allowed for the wonders of Greek culture to grace the rest of the civilizations of the Mediterranean.

His innovation didn't stop there. Pericles's intense love and admiration for the city of Athens prompted him to give even more back to his community through his architectural works. He borrowed more money from the Delian League's Treasury to hire Phidias the Architect to construct the Parthenon, Athens's most iconic work of architecture. Without Pericles, Athens wouldn't have become the center of Greek culture that it is now. His dedication to his people and his work have permanently cemented his spot in history as the man who built Athens.

Why Athens is, and will always be, BETTER than Sparta

Go to any of Athens's trading posts along the Mediterranean Sea and ask a non-Greek about what makes the Greeks, well GREEK. The person, will undoubtedly list things like: architecture, dramas, democracy, sculpture, philosophy, strong leaders, anything along those lines. I can tell you this, you won't find half of those qualities in Sparta. Their relentless pursuit of the perfect warrior has limited their ability to grow, change or adapt. Their children know nothing other than pain, confrontation, and war. They have no time to devote to any of the things that make Greek life so different from barbarians and profound.

Sparta represents the wrong counterpart to freedom of will and logic. Where there is no reason, there is no life. The gods created this wonderful world we live in to have order and peace, not waste the potential of our youth in the anticipation of a fight. This is ultimately why the Athenian people have been able to make the mark on the world that we have today. We encapsulate the good and the just. We abhor the violent and the close minded. Because of this, we have grow as a people and advanced our people.