Nick Passalacqua

Florida Digital Marketing and Sales Executive

About Nick Passalacqua

Since founding the company in 2013, Nick Passalacqua has served as the chief executive officer of Save Big Leads, a lead-generation facilitator with headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. Operating online at, the company applies a wide array of advertising modalities to assist clients in pay-per-call, pay-per-click, search-engine-optimization, and general commercial outreach on the Internet. Nick Passalacqua previously established and led the online lead-generation companies in Boynton Beach and in Boca Raton. His accomplishments with Lead2Net include working with legendary tennis player Jennifer Capriati to produce an online video for Filas Ferrari sneakers.

Outside of the professional arena, Nick Passalacqua is a trained musician who enjoys producing music and expressing himself as a DJ. His musical tastes range from Jay-Z to Kurt Cobain. Mr. Passalacqua is also an avid wine enthusiast and a sports fan who follows boxing and baseball. He likes watching Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight, and his favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.