The amazing race

By Jairo Rodriguez


Today we are here hosting the annual amazing race we are currently in Houston Texas waiting for our contestants
All of our contestants are here and now they all have their first clue and need to head to Shanghai China

Location2 task1

All of our contestants are in Shanghig,China where they need to complete their first task in China town where they need to find which food stand is not actually selling chinese food
In China town the lights are off and the street looks normal but on the night all the light turn on and it's like if their was a party every night of lights
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Lactation3 task2

Our contestants are here in disband,Queensland and their task is to find a Christmas gift in the sand
In Queensland the weather in Christmas is summer like and when for us in Texas it is cold for them they get to swim on Christmas day
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Location3 task 3

Or contestants need to find the biggest Filipino festival in the site on Manitoba before the carnival ends and bring a hat from one of the preformers
Many people preform in the festival but the ones who don't watch the amazing show in their porch on top of everyone
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Location 5

In Lagos lagos instead of being desert all around it actually looks like a normal city instead of a sandy towns with nice cars and tall skyscrapers


In rio de janero their a big festival every year or so that is called the festival that everyone comes outside from their house for this very special day of the year and enjoy the festivities that the festival brings


In Dallas texas we don't have a exact weather but the one main holiday is Christmas because that is the time that many people waste most of their money on others and some people on them some times we have snow and other times we do fever have to wear heavy jackets