Environmental Study Project..

Monique Bedminster


By my research I can tell you that the rainfall totals in Orlando, Florida is at least two to three inches of rainfall and this is average. For the average temperature in Orlando they range mostly in the high 70 degrees I would I say and the low would be probably 60-50 low.The good about the rainfall weather averages is we most likely won’t have to worry about drought but we would have to worry about to much water being in one place which could cause flooding in some areas. A few more good and bad features it about it that during hurricanes or severe rainstorms sometimes the rainfall can get really bad or can cause damage in some areas of Orlando.

Natural Disasters

Some natural disasters that occurred in the last 10 years are, hurricanes and tornados. Some of the hurricanes that occurs that happened are Hurricane Jeanne on 09/26 in 2004, another one that happened that was tragic is Hurricane Ivan that occurred in 2004 too. Few other natural disasters that happen in the city of orlando are a few tornados are some of them are a tornado in 2003 and another one in 1998 a tornado happened on that year. I would have to say that these disasters occur mostly twice in one year by the chart I have been looking at. These natural disasters have cause some minor damage and some little damage but it can still affect the way people live in the future.


Orlando dates back all the way to 1838 but in 1840 a small community had formed around that area called Jernigan. Six years after that the expanded northward and then changed their name to Orlando. In the town of Orlando in 1875 had eighty-five inhabitants and 22 who were allowed to vote. Orlando was supposedly found by a man named Aaron Jernigan. The total of the current population is 238,300 at the very moment.


We are made of many things, a lot races are put together in Orlando and thats what it makes it Orlando I guess. We have hispanics,asians, African Americans and many more of us. We all are different and the types of people we have here is amazing in my opinion. We have many times of housing based on people make them, we have houses that are two stories, latino based houses. We all have the basic bathroom and bedrooms, and kitchens and etc. We have many sports like soccer, basketball,volleyball,swimming, football and many more that we play has a career and and a hobby.


Some wildlife found in the area are many squirrels,dogs,cats, plants and various of common types of animals like birds as well. We also have insects or bugs that can be classified as wildlife. Here are some pictures of the wildlife in our area: http://newtechpest.com/wp-content/uploads/baby-squirrel.jpg http://www.fishpondinfo.com/photos/reptiles/snakes/snake.jpg


Also many of these animals sometimes are roadkill and used as pets. How does they benefit and harm our area, well they harm by because some animals kill off another type of animal and that sometimes messes up the life cycle for some animals. Some ways it benefits us is because they help us by providing food for us and also the kill things that need to be killed for our protection. One Picturee Down Below :


My family are from Puerto Rico and we are Catholic. We celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving. We eat a lot of food from different hispanic groups also we do like to random celebrations we're all about family. The have many different types of people in this city. We have 61.1% of Caucasian, 26.9% of African American, 2.7% Asians, and 17.5% hispanics. All us have different families with different cultures like Christians, Catholics, and many other things. We all celebrate different things and thats what makes us Orlando , we all do different things that show who we are what we like.

My Map.

The reason I picked these five places is because I love going to these places or I go there the most. Some of the places where I see my friends or I hang out with friends.

Overall Reflection