Fight Song Service Project

Rose Park

Rice Bowl

The service l that I helped for the people in is Rice Bowl. Rice Bowl is a excellent service that helps the people what they really need and what they could believe in. This service project goes around town to town and asking for clothes and food they might not need and really helpful for the people who need those things. Our church was selected to help the people who need help. If we help those people we can save them. Not only we just collect clothes and money, we help around the cities to plant all sorts of plants. For the adults, they bulid schools, and other buildings that the "people" might need. This program believes that the bowl can fill it up and once be gone for the people who need help. That's what we are for. That's why we help for people. It's a good thing to help because you are supporting them.

Helping Others

Helping others is awesome thing to do. Helping others make other people happy and you may make their life easier! Supporting others is important because you are making their day by giving them many things that they actually need.

For example, Let's say this person next to me is very poor but you have a caring heart and wanting to help that person, and that person needs money and shelter to send her child to school. One day you brought a group,you and your group helped build a house and gave 1000 dollars to spend at the 1st. The person who was poor became rich because of the group.

That is helping others. You basically saved their lives. That is what this service does. It saves their lives and support them.

That's why helping is important.

"Sharing is caring."

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Paws In square

Paws in the square is a non profit event that is based around dog (dog yoga) scavenger hunts and many other small events. The point of this event is to help draw you in so you adopt the dogs at the event. This is the service for the dogs need help. This the service i am interested into. The reason I am into this is because I really like dogs and I think it is fair to help the dogs. That's why I want to help them
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