Hebrew and Judaics Newsletter

גן (Kindergarten)

Wow, time flies when we're having fun, and preparing for Pesach.

In the past month we have learned New Letters & New Vowels

New Letters

We have learned 3 new letters. Which means we are almost done with the Aleph-Bet. These letters have also allowed us to read even more words!

The letter פּ Pay : The letter pay makes a "p" sound and has a penny. A great way to remember it is to think. "You have to pay a penny."

The letter פ Fay: The letter fay is pay's fraternal twin. They are almost identical, but have a key difference. Fay makes a "f" sound and "fay is free". No penny.

The letter ס Samech: The letter samech makes a "s" sound and looks like a stomach or circle. Even though circle begins with a "c" we are still able to hear that "s" sound.

New Vowels

We have learned 2 new vowels as well. They are the "eh" vowel and the "ay" vowel.

I make an "EH"

This vowel makes an "eh" sound and can be found underneath Hebrew letters. There are 2 easy ways to remember this vowel sound.

1.) The 3 dots look like a bunch of eggs

2.) The 3 dots look like the eyes and mouth of a t"e"ddy bear

I make an "AY"

This vowel makes an "ay" sound, as in play, and can be found underneath Hebrew letters as well. To help the kids remember I told the story of 2 friends asking each other if they want to go play.

Dot 1: "Hey, you want to go play?"

Dot 2: "Yeah, let's go play."

Both:" We can go play on our Playstation!"



In Judaics, we have spent a good deal of time learning about Havdalah. Havdalah means "seperation" and is the ceremony we use to seperate the holiness of shabbat from the ordinary nature of the rest of the week. Traditionally, we have a kiddush cup, braided candle, and besamim bag. Each item has a special meaning as we enter our week. Every child made a Havdalah set, and I hope you are all enjoying it.

מִזְרָח Mizrach means East

We also made our own mizrach. You place a mizrach in your home on an east facing wall to remind you of which direction points to Israel, Jerusalem specifically. Think of how we turn to the East in the Amidah.


Much of the time before Passover break was spent preparing for our Seders. I am so proud of each and every child, and the amazing job they did in leading their Seders.

Likboa Mezuzah

Likboa mezuzah , is the mitzvah of hanging the mezuzah. We read the story A Mezuzah on the Door and began to decorate our very own mezuzot (mezuzahs). They will be coming home next week. The mezuzot they are creating are absolutely beautiful and they are so excited to share them with you. We spoke about the scroll inside the "klaf" and also about why the letter SHIN is on so many mezuzot. The SHIN stands for שדי (Shadai) another name for G-d.

Yom Ha'atzmaut

This year Israel celebrated it's 68th birthday. Along with celebrating yesterday as a kehillah, we also spent time reading and learning about Israel in class. Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel is one of my favorites, and we had a lot of fun reading it. In addition, each child is working on their very own Israel fact book.
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