Independent Study Project- Painting

How I learned to become a successful painter...

Why do you think that these are paintings are famous for?

In your explanation tell what YOU believe is the reason to why the paintings are so famous (ex. for explanation: the landscape is beautiful with intricate lines that look smooth)


My Huge Mistake

I noticed that whenever I paint (in my art class in school) I always get 90's instead of a 100. The reason to why I would never get the full grade is because I would never "fully finish" my painting. What I mean is that instead of fully pursuing throught the painting I stop, believing that I was finished. As you can can see from the painting of cheese and a cheese cutter the painter started out with a very poor painting, however in the end the quality is amazing! So I need to finish my painting and go slow (not too slow!) so that my result will end up perfect...then I can finally reach a full grade of 100.

My Realization

From one of my friends I realized that "there is always a way to make a painting better" it just depends upon how hard one individual looks at a painting.